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Hooper facing charges of resealing cards, more

Collectibles dealer Roger Hooper has been a targeted person by experts in the hobby for years. Now he's facing some charges based on his practices, including fraud.
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Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, investigators found an "assembly line" for fraud when they raided the warehouse of a crooked card dealer.

According to a story in the Patriot-News, Lower Allen Township collectibles dealer Roger Hooper had a machine for resealing vintage packs of sports cards, which are more attractive for collectors if they've never been opened. Investigators told the newspaper that thousands of loose cards and piles of stale chewing gum were in plain view.

Hooper had a preliminary hearing Sept. 17 before District Judge Charles Clement Jr. to face fraud charges.
Hooper denies tampering with collectibles or intentionally selling forgeries.

Hooper will be tried in county court on counts of engaging in fraudulent business practices, theft by deception and dealing in proceeds of illegal activity.

According to the Patriot-News, the charges are a result of Hooper's dealings with two men: a Virginia sports memorabilia collector and a Carlisle, Pa., man who sold items for Hooper on eBay.

The newspaper reported that a story it ran on Hooper’s legal troubles earlier in the year brought "reams and reams" of complaints from customers to the county district attorney’s office.

One collector was quoted as saying that he bought about $5,000 worth of bogus autographs and previously opened football cards from Hooper.

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