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REA Target of $1.1 Million Lawsuit

Collector Corey Shanus has sued Robert Edward Auctions for $1.1 million in damages for allegedly selling 19th century baseball memorabilia that was actually produced at a later date.  Rob Lifson of REA has said the suit is "without merit."

As the annual mega-auction conducted by Robert Edward Auctions (REA) is about to begin, the auction house was served with a $1.1 million lawsuit by collector Corey Shanus alleging REA sold 19th century baseball memorabilia that was actually produced at a much later date.

Orginally reported in the New York Daily News, one such example cited in the lawsuit is that Shanus claims he paid more than $60,000 for an alleged 1861 Grand Match trophy ball that was later analyzed to not be created until the 1920s or '30s. According to the suit, the items in question were from originally consigned from Peter Nash, who has had a long legal battle of his own with REA.

The suit seeks almost $1.1 million in damages and punitive damages, not including interest and legal fees.

According to the website Sports Collectors Daily, Rob Lifson of REA called the lawsuit "Without merit." According to Sports Collectors Daily, REA attorney Barry Kozyra said his client will file its own suit against Shanus, claiming many of the facts stated are false and the case "frivilous."

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