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PWCC’s new ‘Power Buyer’ feature to help buyers and sellers gain access to best deals

PWCC Marketplace has launched a new feature that allows users to discover the most compelling deals being offered in its Premier and Weekly auctions and Fixed Price Marketplace.

PWCC Marketplace has launched a new feature that allows users to discover the most compelling deals being offered, backed by a limited public release of the company’s internal data sets to registered users.

The “Power Buyer” feature will be available in PWCC’s Premier and Weekly auctions and its Fixed Price Marketplace.

The new technology on the site’s “Sort & Filters” section allows for the filtering of assets based on an algorithm that compares an item’s current asking price to PWCC’s insured value data. If the current asking price of an item represents a potentially valuable buying opportunity, then it is listed among the results.

“The introduction of the Power Buyer option is another way in which PWCC is combining investment-based innovation with technical invention to make the trading card marketplace more accessible and effective,” said Chris Callahan, director of marketing at PWCC Marketplace. “We’re utilizing a number of our company’s core capabilities, including our trove of robust data and the creativity of our in-house development team, to offer something that no other marketplace is providing. The result is a more transparent, informed and responsive purchasing platform that gives confidence to investors and collectors alike.”

PWCC Marketplace's new Power Buyer feature.

PWCC Marketplace's new Power Buyer feature.

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The Power Buyer feature not only helps buyers research deals and discover fair market values, but also allows sellers quickly and accurately price cards they wish to offer for sale.

“A seller can now price their assets more competitively based on the data set we’re releasing,” Callahan said. “They know the price they set will be marketed to potential buyers using a set algorithm, and they can update those prices as the market changes.”

PWCC has launched several new offerings over the past few months to help make buying, trading and investing in cards and memorabilia a better experience for buyers and sellers.

Updates include: a new mobile application for iOS and Android; introduction of a PWCC Curation Algorithm that allows for intelligence-backed approaches to auction optimizations; extended bidding to counteract bid sniping; the removal of storage fees on assets in the PWCC Vault; and the continued offering of its full menu of financial services, including cash advances, portfolio loans ­and capital not­­es.­

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