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PWCC Marketplace launches new app for collectors, investors

PWCC Marketplace has launched several new platforms for collectors and investors in the past six months. Its latest offering is a new app for buying, selling and trading.

When PWCC Marketplace parted ways with eBay last year, it vowed to use the latest technology to create a cutting-edge platform for selling trading cards and collectibles.

Its plan has included the launch of numerous new platforms, including a Fixed Marketplace and new Monthly and Weekly auctions.

PWCC’s latest offering is a new app that allows real-time bidding, selling and trading across PWCC’s diverse marketplace.

PWCC Marketplace app.

PWCC Marketplace app. 

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The new app, which is available at both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, updates the previous iteration of the PWCC app and allow collectors and investors to manage their individual accounts at the PWCC Vault. The first update adds the Fixed Price Marketplace. The Premier Auction and Weekly Auction will be added to the app in February 2022.

“PWCC has spent months developing and enhancing offerings on our stand-alone platform,” said Chris Callahan, Director of Marketing at PWCC. “The introduction of an app that allows for real-time trading is an exciting update for those seeking to interact with the market at any given time. The ability to buy, sell, trade, and manage a portfolio on a mobile device is an important step in further democratizing access to the trading card and collectible market.”

PWCC Marketplace app

The updated app is the most recent technical advancement in PWCC’s transformation to a standalone platform for investors and collectors.

Other key updates in the past several months include:

• Expansion of the Monthly Premier Auction for high-end offerings across all categories, including sports cards, collectible card games, memorabilia and unopened wax as well as non-sports collectibles.

• New Weekly Auction beginning every Thursday with closing days 10 days later, creating a constant live auction with a closing night every Sunday.

• The PWCC Curation Algorithm, a proprietary tool built by PWCC’s in-house team that uses a blend of intelligence-backed technology to optimize the Weekly Auction and ensure every asset is curated, displayed and marketed in the most optimal way.

• Extended Bidding, which allows bidders to participate on a level playing field by eliminating “bid sniping” and ensuring assets sell at a price that accurately reflects the market for an item.

• Fixed Price Marketplace, an alternative to live auctions that allows any item from the PWCC Vault to be listed at a fixed price by the owner.

• PWCC Vault, a physical vault in Oregon that offers free curation and storage for assets valued at more than $250 and allows immediate digital access to all stored assets.

“We’re building unique, exciting, and refreshing marketplaces and investment services at PWCC,” Callahan said. “This is a huge opportunity to take all of the ideas we’ve had on how to build a better platform for investors and collectors and then bring them all to life under our own banner. We couldn’t be more excited about this new milestone in our growth. And we can’t wait to show everyone what we have in store next.”

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