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Having caught up on its backlog of card submissions, PSA reopened its Bulk service level Thursday at a price of $22 per card.

The service is now PSA’s cheapest service level, but is being offered exclusively to Collectors Club members.

The estimated turnaround time for Bulk orders is 120 to 150 calendar days. Submissions must include a minimum of 25 cards with a declared value limit of $199 per card.

A PSA card grader grades a card at the company's California headquarters.

A PSA card grader grades a card at the company's California headquarters.

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PSA is asking collectors to place orders via one of two different submission options: 1995 and older cards; or 1996 to present. Bulk service only applies to standard-size cards and does not include tallboys, T3, pins, packs, tickets, jumbos or dual service (card and autograph) grading.

PSA, the largest grading company in the sports collectibles industry, had to shut down many of its service levels in March 2021 due to an avalanche of card submissions during the Covid pandemic. Since then, PSA has hired hundreds of employees, including dozens of new card graders, and expanded its facilities to help tackle a backlog of millions of cards.

"All of these moves were done with PSA’s customers in mind. With demand for the company’s authentication and grading services at an all-time high, it's of utmost importance that a more affordable service level option is brought back into the fold,” PSA’s Director of Product Marketing Tommy Paderes said in a PSA release Thursday. “This is a concerted effort to help collectors not only update personal collections by getting their favorite cards encapsulated inside impressive PSA holders, but to also assist Set Registry members complete their own set-building pursuits.”

Company officials said they will continue to monitor submissions and make further adjustments to service levels, pricing options and turnaround times as needed. 

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