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PSA to begin grading Funko Pops

PSA has hired a team of graders to authenticate the popular Funko Pops toy collectibles.

PSA will begin authenticating Funko Pops, the first toy collectibles that the company will grade as part of its grading and authentication services.

Funko Pops are among the most popular pop culture collectibles in the world. Since their launch in 2010, the popular figurines have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales. The company produces exclusive, rare and limited-edition products, with a rare two-pack recently selling for a record $100,000.

PSA is now grading and authenticating Funko Pops.

PSA is now grading and authenticating Funko Pops.

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PSA has recruited a team of new graders specializing in the vinyl figures that will operate in a new space dedicated specifically to the authentication and grading of the toy collectibles. PSA graders will verify the collectibles are genuine and authentic as well as analyze the quality and condition of the Pop box. PSA will then encapsulate each figurine in a UV-resistant, tamper-evident case that shows off the item’s certification details such as exclusivity, variant and year.

Michael Jordan Funko Pop.

Michael Jordan Funko Pop.

“We’ve been grading autographs on Pop boxes since early 2021 and we couldn’t wait to build and train a top-notch team that can also authenticate and grade the Pop box themselves,” said Nat Turner, CEO of PSA’s parent company, Collectors. “The growth and enthusiasm for these and other collectible toys over the past decade has been astounding. We can’t wait to help collectors encapsulate and display their Pops.”

PSA also has partnered with nonprofit POPS! For Patients, which collects and donates Pops to children across the country. POPS! For Patients has donated the collectibles to more than 50,000 children over the last five years. 

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