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Panini's HRX Video Trading Cards Already Making Waves on Secondary Market

Panini's HRX video trading cards are hitting the market (or the redemption cards for them, anyway) in 2010-11 Totally Certified Basketball, and already there are some big prices being reached on the secondary market.

Panini's HRX video trading cards have debuted with the launch of 2010-11 Totally Certified Basketball. And while the public hasn't seen them yet, as they are in the form of redemption cards in packs of Totally Certified Basketball, they are still attracting bids of at least $1,000 thus far on the secondary market.

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Here are some of the details on the product.

In all, there are 204 Panini HRX video trading cards tucked randomly inside Totally Certified, 51 devoted to each of Panini America’s four basketball exclusive spokesmen – Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin, Kevin Durant and John Wall. Of each player’s 51 cards, 40 are standard video trading cards, 10 are autographed and one is an autographed gold video trading card.

According to Panini, early secondary market activity on the few cards that have surfaced so far include:
- The first Kobe Bryant autographed HRX card sold for $1,000
- The first Blake Griffin closed at $862.50
- The first Kevin Durant autographed version brought more than $500
- A Blake Griffin unsigned copy generated $400.

And in the most ambitious listing yet, the Bryant Autographed Gold 1/1, is currently listed on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $8,750.

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