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Nolan Ryan Foundation is Named After a Hall of Fame Pitcher, but Its Charitable Efforts are the Real Story

Nolan Ryan Foundation is a non-profit organization that benefits a lot of different groups – collectors can help by buying Ryan-signed items.

Many baseball fans and collectors know that Nolan Ryan is a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and holds many pitching records.

Fans may not know that in 1990 a group of local business leaders in Alvin, Texas, came together and formed the Nolan Ryan Foundation. Nolan and his wife, Ruth, joined their efforts.


The Nolan Ryan Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides resources for youth, education and community development. The Foundation has donated to the Thelma Ley Anderson Family YMCA, Miracle League of Austin, Learning for Life, YMCA Strong Kids Campaign and other meritorious organizations, as well as providing scholarships for local high school seniors entering college.

In the fall of 1996, the Nolan Ryan Foundation completed the Nolan Ryan Center and donated the building to Alvin Community College in Alvin. The college uses the building for classes, special events and as a community center. The Nolan Ryan Foundation leases space within the building for the Nolan Ryan Exhibit Center.

Steve Harding Design, a Houston firm, was selected to tell the Nolan Ryan story in a colorful, bigger-than-life exhibit center for the young and old to enjoy.

Harding began his work on the exhibits with a period of extensive research. An all-out effort was made to gather everything possible about Nolan the person and Nolan the Major League Baseball phenomenon. With this wealth of information before him, Harding was able to develop the Nolan Ryan story through photos, videos, broadcast audio and game-used items. A small theatre provides insight into Nolan’s character and his journey toward excellence. You will leave the exhibit with a better understanding of Nolan’s life and career as a legendary Major League Baseball pitcher.

The Nolan Ryan Foundation invites you to take part in supporting its efforts by visiting the exhibit or purchasing autographed baseballs, bats, photos and other items available in the souvenir shop or online at

Nolan also generously donates his time to sign personal memorabilia items that are sent to the foundation. The policy and fee schedule for sending your personal items to be signed can be found on the website or by calling (281) 388-1134. All proceeds benefit the Nolan Ryan Foundation.

The Nolan Ryan Foundation hopes you have the opportunity to visit the Nolan Ryan Foundation and Exhibit Center when you are in the Houston area!

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