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Need something quick? Try SCD's new Picker's List

Need a piece to fill that last hole in your collection? How about an item for a gift? Try the new SCD Picker's List and let your fellow collectors help you know.

When we run the SCD Collector Directory, the goal is to get SCD readers together to help fill holes in their collections. The listings are usually rather general (i.e. “Looking for Cincinnati Reds cards . . .”), and for the most part that is enough.

However, we’ve all been in a situation in our collecting forays when we need just one piece or something specific to a niche of sports collectibles. For instance, perhaps you want all things related to Ken Griffey Jr.’s and Don Mattingly’s consecutive home run streaks from 1993 and 1987, respectively. To combine that with your interests in the 1970s Cincinnati Reds and Topps Supers, you have a wide and muddied list in the Directory.

But what if we at SCD offered an avenue where you could have a targeted request in what you are looking for, with a call-out to other readers who could help fill that empty spot in your collection?

Borrowing the idea and title from our sister publication Antique Trader, the feature would be called SCD’s Picker’s List. All you would have to do is send in the item(s) you are looking for, in detail, and how you would like to be contacted from prospective helpers. If you don’t want people to contact you directly, SCD can be the middle-man, so to speak, delivering the message to you, at which time you may act as you see fit.

Again, this would provide a regular avenue for SCD readers to seek out specific needs in a collection. We will still run the SCD Collector Directory two or three times a year.

If there's something you are looking for, send along your information HERE.