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National Convention Announces Locations Through 2019

National Convention organizers have released the location for the show through 2019. Aside from the Midwest staples, the surprise is Atlantic City in 2016.

Per Beckett Media, the National Sports Collectors Convention has announced the locations of the show through 2019. They are as follows:

2014: Cleveland
2015: Chicago
2016: Atlantic City
2017: Chicago
2018: Cleveland
2019: Chicago.

This year, the show will be held in Chicago. Many have asked how these decisions are made. Cities must have ample hotel rooms, be willing to set aside those rooms years in advance, have a convention center and be affordable. The National committee offers a selection of cities, and ultimately, dealers (exhibitors at the show) vote on the host city.

Chicago and Cleveland often win out for being somewhat centrally located, meeting the requirements noted above (including a major airport) and past success at those locations.

That said, who's looking forward to Atlantic City? Which city would you like to see the show held?

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