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Mystery Item: Who's Between Stargell and Banks?

The mystery items continue with a batting practice photo-op involving Willie Stargell, Ernie Banks and ....that's the mystery.

We put a call out to the readers and viewers of Sports Collectors Digest to send in their “mystery items” – items they have in their collections that they can’t fully identify.

Readers have responded, and we’ll be running some of the recent submissions here. The first one involves a baseball pendant, or charm as the reader notes. If you have any information, comment on the story below or send an e-mail.

Mystery photo
I enjoy reading SCD and appreciate your good work in the hobby. I have been collecting with my brother for the past 45 years, and still have the first SCD my brother and I received with a drawing of Jim Palmer on the cover. Not 100 percent sure of the year, but SCD has been good for the hobby.

I am attaching a photo my dad took at Wrigley Field in either 1969 or 1970, trying to identify the child celebrity between Willie Stargell and Ernie Banks (see below).
Look at Clemente waiting for BP . . . he was a physical specimen.
– David Ribbens
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