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My screw-up on A-Rod was nicely timed ...

Part II of the 1909 T206 White Border card frenzy will have to wait. Weekend news developments related to Alex Rodriguez and steroids have bumped the cute little hosers from my blog for at least a day.


And no, I am not going to overload the already-past-the-fire-department-limit “Scold A-Rod” bandwagon by climbing on board. Nope, I resort instead to self-flagellation. For a self-described cynic, in fact someone who considers himself way too cynical for his own good, I appear to not be uniformly jaded. There are gaps, it seems.

We just sent the book LegendaryYankee Stadium: Memories and Memorabilia From the House That Ruth Built off to the printers in anticipation of a May release, and it carries the following tidbit by yours truly in Chapter 12:

It is fascinating to note that despite the steroid and human growth hormone revelations that occurred after 2004, Rodriguez escaped largely unscathed despite his spectacular production.

Ouch! For those wondering, once a book heads off to the printer, making changes becomes a pretty big issue, and therefor doesn’t happen unless it’s something truly extraordinary. Being way too naive and having bad timing doesn’t qualify, so those jarring words are about to be immortalized in print.


In hindsight, I should have reread some of things I wrote earlier in that A-Rod chapter, which had I examined them more closely might have prompted me to avoid the clean bill of health offered by that ill-fated paragraph.

For example: Rodriguez has managed to do something that no ballplayer has ever done before: his numbers are too good, too other worldly, too imposing – so much so that they’ve propelled him to a spot that is awash with the cruelest of contradictions. He’s so good that nobody seems to truly appreciate how good he is. Is that like Yogi’s apocryphal restaurant that’s so busy that no one goes there anymore?

And just to show you that I’m still embracing my cycnical side, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve used this flap over A-Rod and steroids as a shameless opportunity to plug the book.

And it almost certainly won’t be the last.

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