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MLB Opus Gets Marketing Push: Available Now

A few weeks ago, we provided an inside look at the massive book known as the Major League Baseball Opus (May 20 issues of SCD). Well, as mentioned in that article, the marketing push is on after a year of touring the book around the country. Here's the official relase regarding the Opus.
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From humble origins on the Elysian Fields of Hoboken, N.J., in the mid-n19th century to its present-day incarnation as a global force, baseball has a dramatic and colorful history. Baseball Opus and Major League Baseball, have teamed up to launch the latest edition in the Opus Collection with the release of The Official Major League Baseball Opus Classic Edition. From Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax and Mickey Mantle to Nolan Ryan, Cal Ripken Jr., Derek Jeter, Ichiro and Albert Pujols, this publication tells baseball’s epic story on a scale unmatched in the history of illustrated publishing.

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Coming off the successful launch of the limited-edition Marquee Opus last All-Star game, Baseball Opus is launching the Classic Edition which measures 18x13 inches and weighs 26 pounds, making this one of the most monumental publications ever produced. The Opus features over 400 pages, approximately 400 photographs, including many hidden jewels from MLB’s archives, accompanied by 60,000 words comprising classic excerpts from the memoirs of notable players and specially-commissioned features by leading writers such as Steve Wulf, Roger Kahn, Robert Creamer and Jayson Stark.

Complementing the chronological narrative of the Opus are interludes exploring baseball themes such as Spring Training, record streaks, ballparks, the All-Star game, pennant races and the World Series. Each of the 30 current Major League teams is also featured with details of their highlights, players and the quirks of history that have shaped their development.

In addition, The Official Major League Baseball Opus Classic Edition delivers selected content from the Marquee edition and the same level of editorial, photographic and artistic quality at nearly half the size of the 1,000 print run tomb.

“We’re thrilled to unveil our compilation of the illustrious history of America’s favorite pastime with the release of The Official Major League Baseball Opus,” said Mark Skelly, president of Baseball Opus. “After the successful launch of the 75-pound Marquee edition, we are excited to bring baseball fans a more affordable option while still maintaining the high quality of the Opus brand.”

Both the Classic and Marquee editions are available Steiner Sports and

Classic Edition

Price: $295, plus delivery
Page size: 18 x 13 in.
Weight: 26 lbs.
Content: 400+ images and over 60,000 words
Presentation: Bookbinding leather cover with metallic lettering, clamshell case.

Marquee Edition
Limited to 1,000 copies worldwide
Price: $3,000
Page size: 20 x 20 in.
Weight: 75 lbs.
Content: 1,000+ images and over 110,000 words
Special Features: Stunning 80-inch wide gatefold showcasing classic baseball trading cards, all the World Series programs pictured together for the first time and much more!
Presentation: Hand-bound leather Opus with embroidered logo and metallic lettering, silk-covered clamshell case.