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Mike Baker Authenticated (MBA) is now authenticating raw trading cards as part of a new high-tech authentication program through its partnership with PWCC Marketplace.

The service provides professional review and authentication of raw cards, a report outlining condition issues, high-resolution imaging, video, and security features that allow raw cards to be traded with confidence.

Raw sports and TCG cards can be submitted through PWCC, which serves as MBA’s preferred vault and marketplace provider. Cards can be submitted here.

MBA will authenticate all standard sized and smaller trading cards measuring up to 2.5-by-3.5 inches, as well as all modern cards of larger sizes. It is accepting all cards ranging from turn-of-the-century tobacco cards to modern assets.

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All MBA authenticated cards can be sold and bought in PWCC's Premier and Weekly auctions and on its Fixed Price MarketplacePWCC recommends submissions be valued at greater than $25 per card, but assets can be valued up to $100,000 or more as the service is not limited to any price range.

MBA ensures authenticity by sealing cards in a custom holder to be stored in the PWCC Vault. Cards can be submitted raw or in “manufacturer sealed” condition. Cards encased by manufacturers will be left undisturbed in their original holder.

MBA also provides a “heat map” identifying condition issues on the surface, edges and corners of the card. The report identifies dents, scratches, creases, wear and other issues using color-coded highlights for minor, moderate or severe condition issues.

Mike Baker Authenticated is now using a heat map to highlight the condition of raw trading cards.

Mike Baker Authenticated is now using a heat map to highlight the condition of raw trading cards.

For as long as a card is stored within the PWCC Vault the item remains authenticated and the condition report remains certified. Owners can remove MBA Authenticated assets from their Vault, but the card will no longer hold an MBA authentication and the item will need to be reauthenticated if it is returned later.

The MBA condition report is included in the item description when an MBA Authenticated asset is listed on PWCC Marketplace.

Pricing for the service is $6 per card if stored in a user’s PWCC Vault account. If the card is sold or committed to an auction within 30 days of authentication, the fee is reduced to $3. Items sent through the MBA raw card submission process are not charged additional vaulting fees.

“We’re very excited to bring streamlined authentication and transparent condition reports to the hobby,” said Mike Baker, director of authentication at MBA. “We’ve developed an exciting technical workflow that allows us to confidently review and authenticate assets at a price point that empowers collectors to confidently buy, sell and trade more types of cards.

“We’re democratizing the authentication process for all. All cards, all traders and all collectors.”

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