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Lombardi: An Illustrated Life

While roaming the halls of the Krause Publications building earlier today, I came across a check-in copy of our latest sports book due out in November – Lombardi: An Illustrated Life.


Now a simple 64-page book with a few hundred illustrations about the life of Lombardi doesn't sound like much. But this is so much more than a simple book.

This "kit" is filled with replica pieces of memorabilia, such as Super Bowl tickets, letters from U.S. presidents to Lombardi, Green Bay Packers stickers and even "hand-drawn" plays that Lombardi used to reference.

All of these pieces are among the pages in the book – you can pull them out of "pockets" as you read along.

I love books like these, because they feel interactive and you are getting much more than a two-dimensional book. Among the reproductions offered are the following, all obtained in conjunction with the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame:

  • Seven pages of handwritten plays
  • A congratulatory telegram from President Kennedy
  • Championship tickets from the Ice Bowl, Super Bowl I and II.
  • A personal letter from President Eisenhower
  • A handwritten note from Lombardi
  • The 1959 Green Bay Packers Christmas card
  • A Lombardi-autographed program cover
  • And much more!

Lombardi is authored by Chris Havel, a noted Packers expert, reporter and radio personality in the Green Bay area. The book is unlike any other on the market and you can preorder a copy now for just $26.40.

For more information, CLICK HERE.