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LeBron James Gets His Own Tegata from Upper Deck Authenticated

Continuing a trend started with Michael Jordan, Upper Deck Authenticated is offering a Tegata featuring the handprint of LeBron James in a signed collage. Asking price? $3,000.
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Upper Deck Authenticated (UDA) has announced the release of its newest piece of exclusive LeBron James-signed memorabilia – a “Tegata.” The stunning autographed piece includes an inked right-hand print of James following a traditional form of Japanese memorabilia reserved for only the finest athletes in their respective sports.

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“LeBron’s first season with the Heat provided us with a great opportunity to introduce one of our top exclusive spokesmen in this unique way,” said Steve Sloan, director of UDA. “What better way to christen LeBron’s first year in Miami than with an original Tegata, which is considered the highest form of recognition for athletes in Japan.”

The seven-time NBA All-Star is now the just the second stateside player ever to be honored with a unique Tegata memorabilia piece (Michael Jordan was the first). Utilizing handmade Japanese Fuji paper, LeBron has inked his right hand in black and included an authentic Inkan stamp which aligns with the traditional craft. The overall keepsake, which measure 36 inches wide by 36 inches high, includes a 12-by-12-inch inset center upon which LeBron’s hand has inked and is surrounded by a matted mosaic background of action shots of James from his first season in Miami.

LeBron performed the Tegata process with UDA officials and helped in the hand-crafting of 26 uniquely authentic stamps for the special release, which currently retails for $2,999.99.

To see a video of this work of art, CLICK HERE.