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Just like Nettles, this guy is an All-Star ...

As I have noted as number of times, having the opportunity to put a lot of spectacular artwork into the pages of Sports Collectors Digest over the last 15-plus years has been one of many joys connected to my work.

I’ve never actually elucidated any criteria, but probably should have
noted that there are a wide range of variables at play in deciding who
merits regular SCD inclusion, not all of which would speak
specifically to the quality of an individual’s work. I toss out that
somewhat awkward sentence by way of noting that there are a lot of
incredible artists who we would have loved to have featured but for any
number of reasons haven’t.

Graig Kreindler
falls into that category, and the reason he hasn’t been there is the
simplest of all: I had never seen the work before. I came across it
from a forum thread on the site. I am looking forward
to putting this stuff into SCD the first chance I get; his work is as spectacular as it is unconventional.

I say “unconventional” in the good sense, in that it seems to be so
unique as to defy easy categorization. I’ll offer this little glimpse
here, with hopes (plans, really) to have a more prominent utilization
both online and in SCD in coming months. I love this stuff!


And remember, if you go looking for him in cyberspace, his name is
Graig, as in Nettles, not Craig, as in list. Makes a big difference.

I am also hoping to get to meet the artist at the National Convention
in Cleveland in a couple of weeks, where he will be set up. I’ve got a
feeling that his workload is going to increase dramatically in coming
months, whether it’s from private commissions or if the card company
guys rope him into their already-imposing stable of artists.

Geez, I wish I’d seen his work about a year earlier. I would have loved to have a half-dozen or more of these pieces in the Legendary Yankee Stadium: Memories & Memorabilia from the House That Ruth Built book that we just released.

How’s that for sneaking in a book plug? Subtle, eh?

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