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Michael Jordan and LeBron James Private Signing Details

Hyped Up Sports is teaming up with Upper Deck for a private signing with Michael Jordan and LeBron James. Items have to be sent in by April 1 for the mid-April event.
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How is this for a dream duo in the sports world – Michael Jordan and LeBron James? Arguably two of the biggest NBA stars ever will be a part of a private signing conducted by Hyped Up Sports and Upper Deck at the Upper Deck headquarters in California in mid-April.

And here's the best part - you can send in items to get signed as long as you do it before April 1. All items sent in will be authenticated with Upper Deck Authenticated's patented five-step process. A special "Exclusive Signature Service / Show" hologram will be placed on the item and will match the hologram on the accompanying certificate of authentication.

Those looking to send Jordan items, keep this in mind from Hyped Up Sports: "Due to Michael Jordan's personal choice or licensing agreements between companies these items cannot be autographed; Washington Wizard items, Sports Illustrated issues, baseball items, and cards."

This isn't cheap, with the least expensive items sent in or bought through Hyped Up Sports retailing for $600. And that's the low end for LeBron. Signed Jordan jerseys and ball reach $1,300.

But the opportunity is there if you want it. Call 406-697-9188 or visit for more information.