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How about a Schaefer Beer 3D team picture today? ...

There is so much stuff produced every year in conjunction with Major League Baseball that you can’t help but wonder how much of it is going to survive the decades that would be required for a particular item to be called a collectible.


Oh, vast piles of stuff are produced for all the various and sundry Major League Baseball promotions and “days” at the ballpark get manufactured and distributed willy-nilly at the stadiums, but does any of it rival the cool Schaefer Beer 3D team picture of the Brooklyn Dodgers shown here?

It’s not likely that much of the modern stuff doled out at the ballpark is going to appreciate in the fashion that the cool 3D team picture has, if for no other reason than the numbers produced would be so vastly different.

What winds up being collectible is often something that offers a unique or refreshing snapshot of the culture of the period in question, which I suspect the Schaefer sign managed to do in spectacular fashion.

Got any nominations of unusual items from, say, 2008 that might wind up similarly revered in 2048?

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