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Here is a quiz you are guaranteed to ace ...

How would you like to take a quiz where it was great fun all the way through, there was no downside in any fashion should you happen to get one or more (or all) of the questions wrong, and you got to look at some cool artwork along the way?


Such is the case in a “Quiz” at called “Bona fide or Bogus” that lets you take a peek at 10 Stan Musial baseball cards and decide whether they are the real deal or fan-created novelties.

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As the site notes at the end of the quiz, we provided the images of the “real” cards shown in the quiz, and another name well-known to our readership, Keith Conforti, provided the fantasy Musial cards. So you know you’re in for a treat.

And if you also like getting gold stars for your refrigerator, you’re likely to snag one of those, too, because I suspect that for most of our readers, long familiar with all of the Stan Musial cards that didn’t show up in the 1950s when they were supposed to, spotting the ersatz from the genuine will be something of a breeze.

But it won’t be quality of workmanship or photo selection that will provide any help in that regard. As I’ve noted for many years, some of the nicest cards produced in the last 10 years have been these technically bogus versions from serious collectors with spectacular computer design skills and Conforti, head of Twist Creative Group, would be among the upper crust of that august group.

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