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Harlan Werner Acquires Motion Picture Rights to 'Operation Bullpen'

Operation Bullpen, the huge sports memorabilia forgery bust conducted by the FBI, was a best-seller when covered in a book by the same name by Kevin Nelson. A movie has long been in the works, something that is now closer to reality with Harlan Werner acquiring the film's rights.

Harlan J. Werner, the renowned sports and marketing agent who represents Muhammad Ali, Joe Namath, Sandy Koufax and many other superstar athletes, announced today via PR Newswire that he has secured the motion picture rights to Operation Bullpen, the FBI operative that took down a gang of forgers and memorabilia crooks well known in the hobby.

Werner, who is a long-time sports memorabilia collector and dealer as well as co-owner of a national chain of retail movie memorabilia stores, made the acquisition along with film and television producer Art Horan.

"This story is a cross between 'The Wolf of Wall Street' and 'American Hustle,'" said Werner, referring to the Operation Bullpen saga in which a dysfunctional family of con artists, led by a conniving grandma and her pot-smoking son, fooled the FBI for years and ripped off a gullible American public for a cool $100 million. "It's a great story. It's very cinematic with broad appeal.

Operation Bullpen, by award-winning author Kevin Nelson, is widely regarded as the definitive insider's account of the explosive case that shook up the $1 billion-a-year memorabilia industry. The forgers and their accomplices were ordinary middle class people who went wild, living the Vegas high life, indulging in sex romps and spending lavishly, all the while churning out hundreds of thousands of fake autographs that were sold on TV, the Internet and in stores across the U.S.

Werner himself actively participated in the FBI's undercover investigation of the gang, as did his client Muhammad Ali. (The FBI's dramatic bust of the gang was the largest one-day takedown in Bureau history.) Ali, Namath, Koufax, John Riggins and Jim Brown – all clients of Werner's at his Sports Placement Service firm – had their autographs forged and sold by the crooks.

In addition to his personal knowledge of the memorabilia and autograph industry, Werner executive produced the movie "Tyson" and consulted on "One Night in Vegas" for ESPN's 30 for 30 series.

Horan, a former Warner Bros. executive, was president of WMG Film Group where he was Executive Producer of "The Usual Suspects," a two-time Academy Award-winner. Horan recently was Executive Producer of "Ring Girls," also for ESPN, directed by academy award nominated director Amy Berg and is co founder of Undisputed Champion Network, a digital channel dedicated to the combat sports.

For more information, contact Harlan Werner at SPS, 330 West 11th Street, Suite 105, Los Angeles, CA 90015. You may also call 213-744-1308, email or visit