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Favre not ready for AARP just yet ...

The rich are different than you and me. What is accorded great status in literary lore and legend seems like little more than common sense, but it’s still worth reminding yourself, especially in this giddy day and age when we exalt monstrous wealth as though it were some kind of cardinal virtue.

I mention this amid vast speculation about our favorite flighty former Packer, Brett Favre, and the recent rumblings that he might finally hang it up. And I dredged up that F. Scott Fitzgerald bit because some of the speculation surrounding “Decision 2010” suggests that he might be looking to squeeze some additional millions of the seemingly cornered Vikings front office.

That seems incomprehensible to me, given that he already makes some $13 million. Now, I can’t make any claim to being especially tight with the eventual Hall of Fame quarterback – remember, you’ve actually got to retire to become eligible – but I did interview him a couple of times and he certainly doesn’t leave the impression that siphoning every last nickle was his first priority.

I spent a couple of hours with him about 10 years ago, first interviewing him while he signed memorabilia, then performing impromptu caddying duties while he practiced with his pitching wedge at a driving range in Green Bay.

Given his skills at the aforementioned, I’ve concluded that his ideal scenario would be to go ahead and play football right up until he turns 50, then move directly to the PGA’s Senior Tour.

Obviously, I have no more clue what he’s going to do than, say, just about anybody else on the planet. I will say I am amazed by the process that has now unfolded, not so much that most everybody seems to tolerate it but rather that it holds such fascination for our erstwhile retiree.

The psychologists tell us that past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. Thus, assuming he’s healthy enough, the NFL’s all-time great passing legend/drama queen will play once again. I just don’t believe this is it.
Not yet.


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