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Favre is a Viking and Pujols is NOT on the List ...


On the same day that somebody e-mailed this cool picture of Brett Favre in a Minnesota Viking uniform, somebody else posted online what is supposed to be the list of 103 names of PED users from the Mitchell Report. I am able to say with some degree of certainty that the reliability quotient for both of these new flashes is identical, roughly zero.

Speculating about Favre unretiring again and going to the Vikings strikes me as reasonably good, clean fun, since it presumably hurts no one, save for a few thousand Packer fans who have to reach for an antacid every time the very idea of Brett wearing purple gets floated.

But the List is another matter (I capitalize “List” because I suspect that when all is said and done it’s going to be a proper noun). I can’t pretend I was surprised when I learned the unofficial list was posted online; that should have been expected.

I am, however, old fashioned enough to insist that it’s just plain wrong that it’s been done. I can’t tell you how anguished I would be if I played any role in tarnishing somebody’s good name in that fashion. The fact that so many in cyberville don’t see anything wrong with it points to serious flaws either in the fundamental underpinnings of the online world or similarly egregious gaps in the ethics training of the individuals involved, or more likely, both.

I know that the List is going to be “outed” one of these days; hell, it’s a miracle that it hasn’t happened yet. And even when that takes place, it’s going to be nearly as deplorable an ethical violation as the unofficial outing(s). But until that day comes, I won’t be a party to pushing forth any of the names into the public square. Not gonna do it.

The only concession I’ll make to such boiler-room nonsense is to point out that one Albert Pujols is not on the online version. But there are so many major stars and otherwise likely Hall of Famers on it that offering a big sigh of relief about Albert’s exclusion would seem to be damning with faint praise. If/when the List gets out – and assuming it looks anything at all like the unofficial ones – taking note that the greatest star of his generation is not among the names is going to be small consolation.

But I will be willing to dish about the idea of Favre being a Viking, but I’ll save it for another day. I just wanted an excuse to run that cool picture.

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