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Ex-Players File New Lawsuit Against NFLPA

As if there weren't enough lawsuits and mediations going on concerning the NFL, a new group of restired NFL players have sued the NFL Player's Association for not getting a piece of the pie in video game apparell and trading card sales.
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As first reported by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, five former NFL players have filed suit against the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) claiming the NFLPA and its for-profit Players Inc. subsidiary "defrauded thousands of former players of lucrative royalties when video games, apparel companies, football-card manufacturers and others used their images."

The class-action lawsuit wasfiled last week in Los Angeles.The tricky part now is, the NFLPA de-certified as part of the lockout (allowing players to file a lawsuit against the NFL in the process), so it is currently unclear how the case will be handled. 

Former Cleveland Browns defensive back Bernie Parrish, along with former Baltimore Colts linebacker Bob Grant, Minnesota Vikings running back Clinton Jones, Washington Redskins receiver Walter Roberts III and Cincinnati Bengals safety Marvin Cobb are named in the suit.