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Discovery Channel Rolls Out New TV Series: All Star Dealers

The latest in reality TV shows centers on the sports memorabilia world, as Grey Flannel's Richard Russek stars in a series focused on the memorabilia – good and bad – that comes to the auction house.

Here's something that s sure to add some fodder to message boards and the like going forward. It's a new show on the Discovery Channel coming Jan. 24 called All Star Dealers focusing on the dealings of Grey Flannel's Richard Russek. the release below doesn't provide much insight into the show, but the two previews the series has released does, I think.

It will be interesting on what a show like this does for Grey Flannel and what the general public thinks of it.

Check out the Discovery Channel press release below and the preview videos below that.

From the release: Has Richie Russek got a deal for you. From rare, game-worn jerseys to vintage bats that helped shape the game of baseball, the vaunted history of sports holds untold treasures and Richie, with sons Michael and Darren and their company Grey Flannel Auctions, is on the hunt to find ‘em all in the brand new series All Star Dealers premiering Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 8 p.m. est.

Every day, Grey Flannel receives hundreds of items. Some are all-stars, poised to reap thousands for the consigner and Richie; while others get benched, falling victim to cheap knock-off material or forged signatures. How to separate the MVPs from the DOAs? That’s up to Richie’s army of expert authenticators. SportsCenter meets CSI as the Grey Flannel team uses detailed investigation methods and state-of-the-art tools to determine what items are the real deal.

“Sports is more than just what happens on the field, it is rich with emotion and history. All Star Dealers opens the door into the world of incredible sports memorabilia where every stitch and smudge tells a story, raising the stakes for buyer and seller alike,” said Nancy Daniels, executive vice president of production and development for Discovery Channel.

From the extraordinary – a long-forgotten Mickey Mantle autographed baseball, to the extra-ordinary - Mike Tyson’s cup, get ready to play in the big leagues with these All Star Dealers.

And these are the two previews offered by the Discovery Channel:

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