Dak Prescott has autograph signing with Panini America

At a recent autograph signing with Panini America Dak Prescott autographed trading cards to be used in a variety of Panini football trading card products.
 (Photo courtesy Panini America)

(Photo courtesy Panini America)

In the aftermath of Panini America having to recall Dak Prescott autograph redemption cards for its 2016 NFL Prizm Football trading card product because the signatures might not have been authentic, Panini held an autograph session with Prescott.

The signing session took place the week of July 10 when Panini officials spent several hours with Prescott before the Dallas Cowboys quarterback departed for the ESPYs.

Prescott autographed the vast majority of his remaining 2016 trading cards as well as cards for the company’s upcoming 2017 Pantheon Football. The only cards Prescott didn’t sign during the meeting were those from 2016 Prizm Football which are currently in the process of being remade. Once production is completed, Prescott will sign those cards, which will be affixed with a special Prescott hologram.

Panini America captured on video Prescott’s signing session, which included several Panini America officials, two representatives from Prescott’s agency and even his father for part of the signing. The signing resulted in the completion of his outstanding autographs for 2016 National Treasures Football, 2016 Select Football, 2016 Donruss Optic Football, 2016 Origins Football, 2016 Limited Football, and 2016 Unparalleled Football and more.

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The Panini America Customer Service team began processing those cards after the signing.

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