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Card Companies Join Comic-Con Madness

It's one of the biggest events held in the U.S., and the sports card manufacturers get in on the action.
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One of the largest conventions in the world – San Diego Comic-Con – isn’t just for comic book creators and movie studios. The huge pop-culture event, which draws hundreds of thousands of attendees over a four-day span, opened Wednesday. The convention is a showcase for entertainment companies, publishers and anyone else to show off new products and rub elbows with celebrities.

Card manufacturers will be there as well, showcasing their latest products to the thousands that invade the San Diego Convention Center. Donruss, Inkworks and Upper Deck will all be set up at the massive show, which runs fthrough July 27. They'll fit right in.

Donruss will be promoting its Americana card line with exclusive promotional cards distributed each day of the show. The following celebrities will be handed out: Jackie Chan (Cinema Stars, Wed.); Rob Schneider (Headliners, Thurs.); Josh Duhamel (Celebrity Cuts, Fri.); Williams Shatner (TV Stars, Sat.); and George St. Pierre (Ring Kings, Sun.). Donruss also confirmed that the “female face of MMA,” Gina Carano will be signing autographs at its booth on Friday.

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Inkworks will have Jennifer Love Hewitt signing autographs on Sunday (time TBA), and will offer promo cards each day of the show. The cards include: The X-Files I Want to Believe (Comic-Con exclusive), Supernatural and Kung Fu Panda.
Upper Deck will, for the first time in North America, be offering the public demos for the World of Warcraft Miniatures Game. Fans will have a chance to see real, off-the-line product, as well as learn about the game play. Upper Deck will also be selling a Comic-Con exclusive Mini.

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The Upper Deck booth will also feature demos for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game and Marvel Ultimate Battles. Also, attendees will get to see the debut the upcoming Dinosaur King Trading Card Game and will have four Marvel Masterpieces promo cards available. Three of the four will be available as promotional give aways. The fourth one will be a gift with a purchase of Non-Sport Update.

Finally, Upper Deck will host three panels at Comic-Con, featuring Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D, World of Warcraft and Huntik, a new animated TV adventure.

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