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Rare Batman, Spider-Man comics highlight Goldin’s new non-sports auction

Goldin Auctions is known for its sports card and memorabilia auctions. But the company's foray into comic books and video games may also produce record sales.

Goldin Auctions is known for sports trading cards and collectibles, setting record sales of more than $250 million this year.

But the company’s first auction focused solely on comic books, video games and non-sports collectibles is already trending toward more record sales.

The auction, which runs through Sept. 18, features the first comic dedicated exclusively to Batman and has already reached more than $950,000 in bids in Goldin’s Comic Book, Video Game and TCG Auction. It may challenge the $2.2 million record set by the same edition earlier this year.

A rare first-edition No. 1 Batman comic is up for bid at Goldin Auctions.

Batman #1 comic.

This 1940 D.C. “Batman #1” comic, graded CGC 8.0, features one of the most iconic covers from the Golden Age of comics. The rare edition also includes the first appearance of classic Batman villains the Joker and Catwoman.

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The auction also features a copy of the comic with the first-ever appearance of Spider-Man. The 1962 Marvel "Amazing Fantasy" #15, graded CGC 8.5, has a current bid of $500,000.

Rare Spider-Man comic being auctioned by Goldin Auctions.

Rare Spider-Man comic. 

The auction also features retro and modern video games, trading card game items and more. Among the top items are:

• A sealed 1985 Super Mario Bros. game (graded WATA 9.2/A) has reached $475,000. The copy is an earlier and rarer print than the copy that recently sold for $2 million.

A 1985 Super Mario Bros. video game being auctioned by Goldin Auctions.

1985 Super Mario Bros. game. 

• A 1996 copy of Super Mario 64 game (graded WATA 9.8/A++) is at $400,000. Another copy of the game in similar condition recently sold for $1.56 million.

• A comic featuring the first-ever appearance of Thor is currently at $240,000. Graded in the top 2% of this issue, the comic is gaining traction with news about the highly anticipated Thor: Love and Thunder being released.

• A copy of Avengers #1, one of only five copies to achieve a high grade of CGC 9.6, is bidding at $170,000.

• A 2002 1st Edition box of Yu-Gi-Oh! “Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon” card packs, has also reached $180,000.

• A 1999 Pokémon 1st Edition Holographic Charizard card, widely regarded as the pinnacle of Pokémon fandom has reached $140,000 in bids. The card has sold for as much as $300K in the past,

• A Pokémon card portraying Tsunekazu Ishihara, the president of The Pokémon Company, is bidding at $132,000.

• A 1991 copy of Sonic the Hedgehog (graded WATA 9.4/A) has climbed to $130,000.

• Bids for a new charity Pokémon trading card box break and auction, headlined by acclaimed DJ and producer Steve Aoki, has reached nearly $190,000 total.

• A sealed copy of Mortal Kombat (graded WATA 9.8/A+), one of the most influential fighting games ever, has reached $39,000.

• A Nintendo 64 copy of GoldenEye 007 (graded WATA 9.4/A++), the game that revolutionized the first-person shooter genre, is currently at $26,000.