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Class of 2012: Barry Larkin Elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame

Barry Larkin needed three tries, but he's now in Baseball's Hall of Fame. He register more than 86 percent of the vote, with Jack Morris and Jeff Bagwell shut out again.
Baseball HOF photo

Baseball HOF photo

Former Cincinnati Reds shortstop Barry Larkin will join the late Ron Santo as the newest inductees to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Larkin received 86.4 percent of the votes, easily eclipsing the required 75 percent.This was the third time Larkin was on the ballot.

Larkin, the 1995 N.L. MVP, was named to the All-Star team 12 times, won three Gold Gloves and was a member of the Reds' 1990 championship team.

In the process, Jack Morris, Lee Smith and Jeff Bagwell were once again passed over for the honor, as was newcomer to the ballot, Bernie Williams. The voting was as follows:

Barry Larkin 495 (86.4%), Jack Morris 382 (66.7%), Jeff Bagwell 321 (56.0%), Lee Smith 290 (50.6%), Tim Raines 279 (48.7%), Edgar Martinez 209 (36.5%), Alan Trammell 211 (36.8%), Fred McGriff 137 (23.9%), Larry Walker 131 (22.9%), Mark McGwire 112 (19.5%), Don Mattingly 102 (17.8%), Dale Murphy 83 (14.5%), Rafael Palmeiro 72 (12.6%), Bernie Williams 55 (9.6%), Juan Gonzalez 23 (4.0%), Vinny Castilla 6 (1.0%), Tim Salmon 5 (0.9%), Bill Mueller 4 (0.7%), Brad Radke 2 (0.3%), Javy Lopez 1 (0.2%), Eric Young 1 (0.2%), Jeromy Burnitz 0, Brian Jordan 0, Terry Mulholland 0, Phil Nevin 0, Ruben Sierra 0, Tony Womack 0.

Of the remaining, you'd think Morris and Bagwell still have a shot, but the rest face an uphill battle.

Also enjoying the ceremonies will be Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun with the J.G. Taylor Spink Award for baseball writing and television analyst Tim McCarver, the former major league catcher, with the Ford C. Frick Award for broadcasting.

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