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Before Favre Became "Brett the Jet"

With his first game as a Jet in the records book, from all accounts Brett Favre seems to feel like he's where he needs to be. Meanwhile, as green and gold Packer faithful miss their Favorite No. 4, many wish him well - knowing his past as a Packer won't be forgotten.

Another significant step in Brett Favre’s transformation from gunslinger for the Packers to commander in the pocket for the Jets is complete, with his first preseason game in the books. Mississippi’s favorite son completed 5-of-6 for 48 yards and one touch down, in a partial quarter of play during the Jets' 13-10 loss to the Washington Redskins Aug. 16. According to most columnists and sports analysts, Favre brought his classic composure, and renowned ability to read defenses and act quickly on the run in his debut as a Jet. The showing has many, including Washington Post Sports Columnist Mike Wise, referring to the Jets' new quarterback as "Brett the Jet," as Jets fans and fans in general, look ahead with excitement and intrigue to the 2008-09 season. 

“…for a few scintillating moments Saturday, in a game that did not count, the city that never sleeps and the quarterback who refuses to retire seemed perfectly compatible,” wrote Wise in his Sunday, Aug. 17 column.

Favre himself seemed to feel some of that too.

“I’m not going to say I haven’t second-guessed the decision,” said Favre, in a post-game interview which appeared in the New York Times, Aug. 17. “When I step on the field, as I did tonight, I knew I made the right decision. I feel like I’m a Jet. Does that sound awkward or funny? Maybe. It’s still a little bit awkward. But I feel like I’m here for a reason.”

Even though Famous No.4’s days of green and gold are over, as a future in green and white emerges, this NFL icon’s place in Packer history is unshakeable. Just as is the undeniable popularity of Favre memorabilia, collector cards and memories produced during his tenure with Green Bay.

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“All I can say is I’ve always wanted to be a Packer, I think I always will be a Packer,” said Favre, in an Aug. 7 article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, as Favre spoke about his future with the Jets and his past with the Pack. “Sixteen years is hard to forget for everyone and I’d like to think, of those 16 years people will say, ‘Best 16 years I’ve ever watched.’ “It was a lot of fun for me.”

Before there was Brett the Jet, the Favre-Packer era produced memories and mementos that will hold a significant place in history, forever. Now that history is celebrated and honored in the new book FAVRE The Total Package, by Krause Publications.

This exciting photo-and-fact-filled book pays tribute to the three-time NFL MVP and former Super Bowl champ like nothing else. From the foreword written by Bob Harlan, Green Bay Packers Chairman Emeritus and a showcase of more than 300 spectacular photos of Favre during the first 17 years of his storied NFL career, to listings and collector values for Favre memorabilia of all makes, shapes and styles, this book defines and celebrates “Favredom.”

“Brett is an icon. There won’t be another player like him,” writes Harlan, in his foreword. “I’ve always told people Brett plays with a sandlot enthusiasm for the game, and you don’t see that very often. Of all the records Brett holds and he holds some magnificent records, the one that impresses me the most is that he was there every single Sunday to play.”

In this innovative new book readers will reminisce through essays by top sports writers including Chris Havel, Joel Dresang and Chuck Bennett, about Favre’s early years at Southern Mississippi State, his first appearance as a Packer and rise through the ranks to emerge as a Lambeau legend. Relive his trend-setting ways and timeless talent in statistics and record-setting details, and just when it seems like it has come to an end, tucked in the back of the book readers will find a limited edition holographic collectible Favre tribute card. This is a one-of-a-kind book about a one-of-a-kind man whose legendary leadership and love of the game will always be a part of life at Lambeau.

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