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Bowman Baseball celebrates 70th anniversary of its inaugural release

The Bowman brand is known for its rookie cards, but in 2017 the set will also commemorate its 70th anniversary with several special insert sets.

The release of 2017 Bowman Baseball will be historic in many ways. In addition to the set being the first place to find many of the game’s future stars, the set will also celebrate the 70th anniversary since its inaugural release.

To celebrate the occasion, 2017 Bowman Baseball will include: 1948 Bowman insert cards and autographs, 1951 Bowman insert cards, 1992 Bowman insert cards and autographs, Bowman Buyback Autographs, as well as unannounced surprises.

2017 Bowman 1

The 1948 Bowman insert recreates the first-ever Bowman card design and includes current and retired MLB stars, and today’s prospects.

The 1951 Bowman insert features reproductions of hand-drawn sketches of past and current players, as well as prospects. The 20 hand-drawn originals will be inserted exclusively into hobby and hobby jumbo boxes.

The hobby-only 1992 Bowman insert features current and retired players, and today’s prospects. An Orange parallel is sequentially numbered, while the SuperFractor parallel is numbered 1/1.

2017 Bowman 2

There are several parallels for the veteran and rookie base cards, including: Silver Border, Purple Border (sequentially numbered), Blue Border (sequentially numbered), Gold Border (sequentially numbered), Orange Border (sequentially numbered to 25, hobby box only), Red Border (sequentially numbered to 5), and Black Border (numbered 1/1).

Chrome Prospect cards will include Shimmer Refractor variations in addition to the following parallels: Refractor, Purple Refractor (sequentially numbered), Blue Refractor (sequentially numbered), Gold Refractor (sequentially numbered), Orange Refractor (sequentially numbered to 25, hobby box only), Red Refractor (sequentially numbered to 5), and SuperFractor (numbered 1/1, hobby SKU only), and Printing Plates (numbered 1/1).

Hobby boxes will continue to have one autograph card inserted in each box. Chrome Prospect Autographs and Chrome Rookie Autographs include many parallels that are sequentially numbered.

2017 Bowman 7

Other inserts include: ROY Favorites, Talent Pipeline, Bowman Scouts’ Top 100, Bowman Buybacks, All-America Game Autographs, and Bowman Ascent Autographs.
Bowman Baseball is scheduled to be released in late April.

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