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Collectable offering iconic game-worn jersey of NHL legend Bobby Orr

NHL legend Bobby Orr had one of the greatest seasons of his career in 1970-71, scoring 139 points and becoming the first NHL player to top 100 assists. The Collectable investment platform is offering a game-worn Orr jersey photomatched to the historic season.

Collectable is offering sports memorabilia investors an opportunity to own a share of one the most icon game-worn jerseys in hockey and sports history.

The investment platform is offering shares of the iconic black and yellow jersey worn by NHL and Boston Bruins legend Bobby Orr.

According to Collectable, the jersey was worn in Orr's historic 1970-71 season in which he won the Hart Memorial and James Norris awards and was selected to the NHL All-Star Team.

Game-worn Bobby Orr jersey from 1970-71.

Game-worn Bobby Orr jersey from 1970-71.

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Orr compiled the best offensive numbers of his career that season, scoring a career-high 139 points, including 102 assists to become the first player ever to top 100 assists. Orr also had a staggering plus/minus of +124, the highest in history. He also scored his 100th regular-season goal, his 250th regular-season assist and 350th regular-season point during the memorable season.

The jersey was photomatched and authenticated by Resolution Photomatching to two images believed to be taken in 1971. Conclusive photomatches were made based on marks and stains on the front of the jersey and on the custom stitched number on the right sleeve, fraying threads and stitching imperfections on the collar and shoulders, as well as creasing and puckering on the custom stitched logo on the front of the jersey.

Stains on the front of Bobby Orr's game-worn jersey from 1970-71.

Stains on the front of Bobby Orr's game-worn jersey from 1970-71.

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The iconic uniform was previously sold at Classic Auctions for $209,455. Classic Auctions called the offering " a colossal treasure of tremendous magnitude” and “an exceptional opportunity for the hobby’s elite.”

The IPO price for the jersey on Collectable is $399,000 and investors will have the opportunity to purchase shares for $10 on Sunday, Dec. 26.