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Beckett acquires new collectibles technology company

Beckett continues to expand its collectibles services, acquiring new pricing technology company Due Dilly.

Beckett has acquired technology company Due Dilly, which uses computer vision to provide instant quality assessments and real-time pricing for sports cards and collectibles.

"The Due Dilly acquisition helps Beckett achieve its strategic vision: Using technology to create the best products and services for collectors," said Kunal Chopra, CEO of Beckett Collectibles. "Computer vision is the future, and we're going to integrate Due Dilly's technology and their team to make sure we can provide the fastest and most efficient grading and authentication in the industry."

Beckett Collectibles logo.

Beckett logo. 

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"Just like other collectors who've been a part of the hobby for a long time, Beckett has always played an integral role in my collector journey,” said Andrew Medal, co-founder and chief executive officer of Due Dilly. “To date, Beckett remains the strongest and most recognized brand in our space. Beckett is the brand that got me into the hobby when I was a kid and I'm thrilled to be a part of the new Beckett story.

"There has never been more opportunity in our space. We're at a pivotal point in the hobby's evolution, and we're excited to take the hobby further than it's ever been. I know how much potential there is for technology to improve the collector experience, create transparency and help people collect more cards. With Beckett and the team, we're excited to be building the tools and services that will define the hobby's future."

Beckett has made several big moves in recent month to expand its collectible services, including the hiring of Chopra as CEO in July. The company has also moved into a new, bigger facility in Dallas, added a secure storage vault to its services and formed partnerships with such companies as Collectable and PWCC Marketplace. 

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