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Sports Card TV: 'Back on Topps' Airs This Week

In one of the first major moves by Michael Eisner at Topps, the company begins its entertainment experience with a new show: Back on Topps starring the Sklar brothers and a host of athlete appearances and references.
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This week marked the debut of Back on Topps, a twice-weekly Internet TV series is the creation of the comedy team of Jason and Randy Sklar, who are perhaps best known for their roles on the ESPN program Cheap Seats.

The Sklar brothers also star in the show, as sports-loving twin brothers Leyland and Leif Topps. They are the nephews of company founder Marvin Topps. They’ve spent their whole lives working in the trading card industry and are expecting to take be the future owners of the company, but find that dream in jeopardy after the company is sold to new ownership. Leif and Leyland are given six months to prove their value as employees or risk being fired.

A number of athletes make cameo appearances on the program. Topps spokesmen David Wright and Greg Oden are among the athletes who will appear on the show, as are Joba Chamberlain, Russell Martin, Andre Ethier, Baron Davis, Kevin Love and Dennis Rodman.

"I have long admired the Sklar brothers' inventive and hilarious take on sports and pop culture," said Topps owner Michael Eisner, who also owns Vuguru, the program’s production company. "Their love and respect for the game and the athlete make them the perfect partner for Topps' first online scripted series."

The series consists of 17 episodes. will post new episodes of Back on Topps each Tuesday and Thursday and will provide fans an exclusive 12-hour window to view the new episode first on their site. In addition to the series' dedicated website, the show will also be distributed on YouTube, Veoh,, Hulu, Bebo and iTunes. The series will also be available to mobile phone users through MobiTV

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