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And the Money Seekers Swoop In

It's quite a common practice now, similar to scavengers eventually swooping down on a dead deer beside the road. Anytime a new MVP is crowned, material related to said player floods the market at laughable prices.

Want to snicker at a few things? Type "Aaron Rodgers" on eBay, and then select the sorting menu by highest prices first. With some of these signed items, you'd think he's been dead 100 years and has a wing in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Some sellers can dream, I guess.


For starters, an Aaron Rodgers Upper Deck Exquisite Rookie Signature Material card, numbered 1/5 is listed with a Buy It Now offer for $15,000. But you should buy it now because it very well may end up being a $50,000 card in the future – so says the seller. Does he sell used cars as well?

It's not the only Rodgers card with high price tags. There are numerous signed cards, all in high grades and in limited numbers that range from $6,000 on down.

For what it's worth, I should mention that a 2005 SP Authentic Rodgers rookie card NFL Shield auto, numbered 1/1 did sell for $8,600 - before the Super Bowl.

Prices drop for completed sales pretty quickly after that, with either Gem Mint autographed cards or those with 1-of-1 quantities selling in the $2,000 range.

And thus far, it's really only the cards bringing big bucks. Among the completed listings are a game-used jersey for $750 and a UDA issued, signed Green Bay Packers helmet for $600.

You'll see more offered, however, and more that will sell as these days go by. Packers fans and a buying group as a whole, and they have a new hero to worship along the lines of Starr, Favre and White.

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