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Allen and Ginter Features Not-So-Common Artifacts Cards

When it comes to artifacts in trading cards, most collectors are used to them referred to as "relic" cards, consisting of pieces of jerseys, bats and the like. But with Topps Allen & Ginter product, artifacts takes on a whole new meaning. Check out the 2012 edition of A&G Artifacts cards.

If you've collected Topps Allen & Ginter product since its inception in 2006, you have found many unusual cards in its product mix, from the first-ever DNA card, dinosaur bone card, Paw-tagraph (canine’s footprint), grow-able card (featuring plant seeds) to Colony in a Card (eggs of live sea creatures).

These year's Allen & Ginter product will follow suit with “Artifact” cards. These cards were inserted into packs of 2012 Topps A&G as redemptions and now Topps unveils what the special artifact is that’s embedded into the card.


Following is the checklist and description of the 2012 A&G Artifact Cards:

  • Card 1 – Carcharodon Megalodon Tooth (10 million years old)
  • Card 2 – Bronze coin (Roman Empire)
  • Card 3 – Cleoniceras Species Fossil (120 million years old)
  • Card 4 – Native American stone point (500-9,000 years old)
  • Card 5 – Neolithic stone point (3,000-8,000 years old)