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'All-Star Dealers' Continues to Impress

"All-Star Dealers" continues with John Taube checking out a Jimmie Foxx bat and the story behind John Wooden's UCLA sweater.

Once again, I tuned in to the latest episodes of "All-Star Dealers" on the Discovery Channel (Tuesday at 7 p.m. CST) to see what the gang at Grey Flannel Auctions was getting in for consignments and what passed authentication.

This week's show was a lot of fun because I remember a few of the lots from completed auctions last year. To get the back-story on those lots was pretty cool. The most notable of the bunch was John Wooden's UCLA sweater that brought $180,000 and nabbed the cover of the May 6, 2011 issue of SCD. You got to see who consigned the piece, they played up the reservations the guy had in giving it up and even revealed the seller's commission offered on the Wooden sweater.

Other pieces shown in the two episodes were a jersey given to Lance Armstrong during the 2005 Tour De France (couldn't be determined to be race-worn), a Jimmie Foxx pro model bat (not determined to be game-used), Nolan Ryan rookie jersey and an early John Elway game-used jersey.So they are trying to cover three different sports with each episode.

A pretty cool segment of the show was with boxing champion Evander Holyfield. You got to see all of his championship belts, some of the insight to the first Tyson fight and then some items he offered up to benefit his foundation.

Along the way, you got to see the estate Holyfield has the and immense house he lives in, if you can call it a house. I find those inside looks entertaining, along with the memorabilia.

Game-used bat expert John Taube was featured on the show for the Foxx bat. I must say after watching Pawn Stars, etc., it's nice to see the respected experts appearing on this show, which is expected with a high-quality auction house like Grey Flannel. All auction houses use the same stable of experts - it's just nice to see them get their due.

As I did some work in the auction business, it's also nice to see that the folks at Grey Flannel do some of their research in much the same way we did. A lot of photo-matching and searching come into play. I'll keep watching.

Also, I hope to have an interview with someone involved in the upcoming "Ball Boys" series taking place on ABC. I'll share here.

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