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Aaron Judge made history Tuesday, belting his American League record 62nd home run of the season, and the valuable ball he hit fell into the hands of a lucky fan at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

Judge’s record home run, which broke the American League record held for 61 years by Yankees great Roger Maris, cleared the left field wall in Section 31 at Globe Life Field and was caught by Cory Youmans, a vice president of Fisher Investments in Dallas.

The ball is believed to be worth at least $2 million. Memory Lane Inc. recently pledged to pay $2 million for the ball for a client interested in buying it and placing it on display at Yankee Stadium.

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Youmans, who was whisked away by security to have the ball authenticated by MLB officials, told reporters he did not know yet what he would do with the ball.

“That's a good question," he said. "I haven't thought about it.”

One person who has was giving it a lot of thought is Youmans’ wife, Bri Amaranthus, who immediately posted her reaction on social media.

Amaranthus is a reporter who covers the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks for Sports Illustrated and a 2018 contestant on “The Bachelor.”

“THIS IS MY HUSBAND,” she exclaimed on Twitter, reacting to a video of Youmans after he retrieved the ball.

“That’s my man,” she wrote in an Instagram story that.

Instagram post from Bri Amaranthus, the wife of Cory Youmans, who caught Aaron Judge's record home run ball.

Instagram post from Bri Amaranthus, the wife of Cory Youmans, who caught Aaron Judge's record home run ball.

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Judge was asked about getting the ball back after the game.

"I don't know where it's at," he told reporters. "We'll see what happens with that. It would be great to get it back, but that's a souvenir for a fan. He made a great catch out there, and they've got every right to it."

Another fan, anxious to get his hands on the historic ball, leaped out of the stands from his front-row seat and dropped into a gap between the stands and the outfield wall. After missing the ball, he was apprehended by security and escorted out of the stadium.

All eyes will be on Youmans and the fate of the ball as sports memorabilia experts have predicted the ball could be worth millions on the open market. 

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