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A "Sweet" View: Magazine Covers Shot from the Legendary Ozzie Sweet

Legendary photographer Ozzie Sweet did a lot more than just shoot athletes. His work is currently being compiled by SCD columnist Larry Canale, and he supplied some of the cover credited to Sweet in his lengthy career.

As a preview to what will be the cover story in the Dec. 30, 2011 issue of SCD, in which we will feature the legendary photographer Ozzie Sweet presented here are some of the magazine covers he shot during his lengthy career.

Now in the 90s, Sweet is about to be the subject of a book about his life and work, authored by SCD columnist Larry Canale. As you'll see below, Sweet did much more than just capture athletes with his camera. He did hundreds of magazines geared toward women, kids, animal lovers, car enthusiasts, etc. Enjoy the view.


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