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2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Details Announced

In its second year, Topps' Gypsy Queen is a remake of the 1887 product with 350 base cards and mini cards, with plenty of "hits" per pack.

Topps will bring back Gypsy Queen in 2012, the 1887 remake with 350 base cards and mini cards. This year, each pack will feature two autographs and two relic cards per box.


Here are some of the details for Gypsy Queen, scheduled to be released the week of April 16:
– 350 base cards with 50 short-prints
– Parallel cards will feature 100 subjects, with blue frame numbered 599 or less and black frames 1-of-1
– All subjects will have printing plates
– On-Card Gypsy Queen Autographs
- Autographed Relics numbered to 25.
- Dual Autographed Relics numbered to 15.
- Triple Autographed Relics numbered to 10.
– Among the relic cards are Indian Head penny cards numbered to 10 (100 subjects)
– Each pack contains nine Topps Gypsy Queen Base cards and one (1) base mini parallel.