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Details Revealed for Topps Allen & Ginter

In one of the more anticipated releases each year, some details have been released on Topps Allen & Ginter. For starters, this year's set will have more autographs than ever, and it's still filled with interesting sub-sets, such as Flora of the World.
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Topps’ Allen & Ginter 2011 release isn’t scheduled until July, but the product already has created some buzz. Topps has said this is the most expansive autograph list the set has ever seen.

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Some autographs to be found in the product outside of baseball include Manny Pacquiao, John McEnroe (see right), Jake Lamotta, Lou Holtz, Chuck Woolery and Super Nanny Jo Frost.

For those unfamiliar with Allen & Ginter product, the set includes sports stars, non-sports stars and inserts of the following genres: Animals In Peril, Portraits in Penultimacy, Flora of the World, Floating Fortresses and many more. Unique die-cut relic cabinet cards will feature all 50 states that form a map of the U.S. when put together.

The Ginter Code also returns, touted as “ever so more intricate and baffling than before!”

Also look for mini cards, relics and the popular rip cards among the offerings. More details to follow as the release date nears.