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F+W, NBC to Offer $1 million fantasy football bonus

In a major announcement, F+W Publications and NBC Sports will offer a $1 million bonus for this year's National Fantasy Football Championship participants.
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NBC Sports and F+W Publications (parent company of SCD) have unveiled a $1 million bonus for this year’s National Fantasy Football Championship participants. Any owner who can win the NBC Sports NFFC Classic main event overall title and the NBC Sports NFFC Primetime main event overall title will win $200,000 in prizes and the $1 million bonus.

The 14-team NBC Sports NFFC Classic format is in its fifth season of competition, and 392 teams are expected to participate in live drafts on Saturday, Aug. 30 in Las Vegas, New York, Chicago and Orlando. The 12-team NBC Sports NFFC Primetime event is in its first season and will also hold live drafts on Saturday evening, Aug. 30 in the same four cities and feature 396 teams. If anyone can outsmart those competitors in both events, they will become the industry’s first millionaire playing fantasy football.

“We’re excited to offer this $1 million bonus as an incentive to our dedicated players who are planning to compete in both events,” said Greg Ambrosius, director of the NBC Sports NFFC Classic and Primetime events. “We already have over 60 owners who are signed up for both events and it will be great to follow these teams as they battle for league titles in both formats, playoff spots in both formats and eventually the $100,000 grand prizes and the $1 million bonus. We’d like nothing better than to crown the industry’s first fantasy football million-dollar winner.”

Insurance has been secured to pay out the $1 million bonus, which will be paid through a 40-year annuity.

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