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Upper Deck to Release Michael Jordan University of North Carolina Master Set

Michael Jordan cards don't go away, they just get more expensive. Upper Deck has provided details on a new Jordan Master set from his North Carolina Years that will include Jordan signed card, championship rings and much more. $5,000 for the set?

Upper Deck has made a splash with the unveiling of the new Michael Jordan University of North Carolina Master Collection set. Limited to just 250 total sets, each Master Collection will include 23 premium base cards, four hard-signed Michael Jordan autograph cards, one Michael Jordan logo patch card set, one 1982 National Championship ring and one super premium card from “His Airness.”

“Upper Deck produced Master Collection sets over 10 years ago and fans still inquire about them frequently,” said Grant Sandground, director of product development at Upper Deck. “We felt Michael Jordan would be the perfect subject to re-imagine these ultra-premium sets around. It’s the type of set that 99 percent of collectors can’t afford, but 100 percent of collectors would love to own. We anticipate these sets may bring as much as $5,000 based on how strong Michael Jordan autograph content sells for in the secondary market these days.”


There will be a chase to the set as well. Randomly inserted into each collectible wooden box that hold these limited collectibles fans will find either a Master Collection Shadow Box card, a Precious Metal Gems card or a one-of-one autograph card of Michael Jordan. Additionally, some devout fans will likely chase the autographed “Letterman” cards that spell out “1982 National Champions,” “Michael Jordan,” and “Tar Heels.” Ultra rare “Historic Duos” cards can also be found that include an autograph from Jordan and another historical great. Keeping in line with the premium nature of these sets, all autograph content will appear live in the product, and there will be zero redemption cards in these sets.