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Top-Selling MLB Jerseys in 2010

The list is out for the top-selling baseball jerseys from 2010. You might be surprised by the first name on the list, although he is a stalwart on one of the most popular teams in the country. Still, it's a tad surprising Derek Jeter is still at the top of the list. Are people spilling too much ketchup on the jerseys they already own and buy new ones?


And the fact that Joe Mauer is No. 2 shows you either how great a player he is considering the small-market the Twins are in, or all Twins fans are buying his jersey.

The team merchandise sales list isn't surprising, with the majority belonging to large markets who have had relative success, except for the Cubs.

Top 10 Jersey Sales
1. Derek Jeter, Yankees

2. Joe Mauer, Twins

3. Roy Halladay, Phillies

4. Chase Utley, Phillies

5. Cliff Lee, Phillies

6. Albert Pujols, Cardinals

7. Josh Hamilton, Rangers

8. Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox

9. Alex Rodriguez, Yankees

10. Tim Lincecum, Giants

11. Mark Teixeira, Yankees

12. Jason Heyward, Braves

13. Stephen Strasburg, Nationals

14. Ryan Braun, Brewers

15. Justin Morneau, Twins

16. Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox

17. Ian Kinsler, Rangers

18. Ryan Howard, Phillies

19. Buster Posey, Giants

20. Evan Longoria, Rays

Team Merchandise Sales
1. New York Yankees

2. Boston Red Sox

3. Los Angeles Dodgers

4. Philadelphia Phillies

5. Chicago Cubs

6. St. Louis Cardinals

7. Chicago White Sox

8. Atlanta Braves

9. Minnesota Twins

10. Detroit Tigers

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