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Sports Memorabilia Show to be Filmed at National Convention

Reality TV will make the rounds to the National Convention, with "A Piece of the Game" to film a segment on sports memorabilia at the hobby's biggest event.
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After a successful pilot on WGN, a new sports memorabilia TV show will be filming an episode at the 34th National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago.

The premise of the show, called APiece of the Game, is Pawn Stars meets sports memorabilia but with a twist. The show deals with some pretty serious money and has some interesting characters. Is the stuff real or fake? What's it worth? Will the owner take the money or just walk away?

Here's how it works (example from the pilot episode).
A woman has a Babe Ruth bat that she says the Babe gave her great grandmother in 1927. She has pictures of Babe Ruth to help prove it. It was valued at $60,000. Will she sell it? Another fan has a piece of the Wrigley Field scoreboard. The experts value it at $2,000. Will the owner part with it for that price? Yet another fan has a 1909 World Series Pin valued at $35,000. Her grandfather won the seventh game of that Series. How much would she take for it?

The show will have a panel of experts, and there will be bidders for items shown including some celebrity bidders who are big sports memorabilia enthusiasts.