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SCD Trivia: Testing Your Baseball Knowledge

Jeff Figler has compiled another list of trivia questions, this time focusing on baseball. Three levels of questions, 16 questions in all.

By Jeff Figler

Welcome to the third installment of a sports trivia column by Jeff Figler. In this round, we'll see if your baseball knowledge is up to snuff. No prizes, just bragging rights – but what’s better than one-upping your buddies when it comes to sports? The questions are separated by difficulty. Answers are located at the bottom.

1. Who was the youngest major league baseball player in history? How old was he?

2. Who were the first five players elected to Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame?

3. Who was the first major league baseball player to hit a pinch-hit home run in a World Series game?

4. Which major league baseball player holds the modern-day record for the most hits in a nine-inning game?

5. Which Major League Baseball player had exactly 1,815 hits at home and 1,815 hits on the road?

6. Which major league team has thrown the most no-hitters? Which team is second?

7. Who held the all-time major league career home run record before Babe Ruth?

8. Which St. Louis Browns player later starred in TV’s “General Hospital”?

9. Who was the last Triple Crown winner in the National League?

10. Which MLB team (post 1900s) holds the major league record for most losses to start a season?

11. Who was the last major league baseball player to play for all three New York teams, the Dodgers, the Giants and the Yankees?

12. Which pitchers have thrown the most one-hitters in baseball history?

13. Who was the only player to pinch- hit for Ted Williams?

14. Which player received the highest percentage of votes when been elected in the hall of fame?

15. Which player hit into the most double plays in a season?

Who is the only MLB pitcher to throw a no-hitter and hit two home runs in the same game?

1. Joe Nuxhall. 15 years old, June 10, 1944.

2. Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson.

3. Yogi Berra, October 2, 1947.

4. Rennie Stennett – 7, Pittsburgh (September 16, 1975).

5. Stan Musial.

6. The Dodgers (Brooklyn and Los Angeles) with 20, and second the Chicago White Sox with 18.

7. Roger Conner.

8. John Beradino.

9. Joe Medwick, St. Louis Cardinals (1937).

10. Baltimore Orioles – 21 (1988).

11. Sal Maglie.
New York Giants, 1945, 1950-1955
Brooklyn Dodgers, 1956-1957
New York Yankees, 1957-1958

12. Bob Feller: 12 games, 1936-1956 with the Cleveland Indians.
Nolan Ryan: 12 games, 1966-1993 with the New York Mets, California Angels, Houston Astros and Texas Rangers.

13. Carroll Hardy, Sept. 20, 1960.

14. Tom Seaver in 1992 with 98.84 percent.

15. Jim Rice 36 in 1984 with the Boston Red Sox.

Bonus answer: Rick Wise, Philadelphia Phillies vs. Cincinnati Reds (June 23, 1971).

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