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Mantle Collectibles Guide Books Part 3

If you are thinking of collecting books about Mickey Mantle, you better have a large bookcase with lots of room. I knew when I started this project that there were quite a few biographies, autobiographies, and other books with his likeness or name on the front cover, but I never knew that the total would be more than 125. A lot of players would be happy with just one book to preserve their memories. Also included in this second part are the various booklets and pamphlets where Mickey’s picture appeared. Finally, a comprehensive listing of every comic book with Mickey on the front cover appears for the first time in print and who knows how many new books will be written paying the ultimate tribute to the Great No. 7. Well, as Casey Kasem always says, “Let’s get back to the countdown.”
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By Kelly R. Eisenhauer

If you are thinking of collecting books about Mickey Mantle, you better have a large bookcase with lots of room. I knew when I started this project that there were quite a few biographies, autobiographies, and other books with his likeness or name on the front cover, but I never knew that the total would be more than 125. A lot of players would be happy with just one book to preserve their memories. Also included in this second part are the various booklets and pamphlets where Mickey’s picture appeared. Finally, a comprehensive listing of every comic book with Mickey on the front cover appears for the first time in print and who knows how many new books will be written paying the ultimate tribute to the Great No. 7.
Well, as Casey Kasem always says, “Let’s get back to the countdown.”

51. The Sluggers: Those Fabulous Long Ball Hitters by John Holway – 1989, Redefinition Inc., hardcover
Holway’s book is part of series that celebrates the national pastime. The Sluggers is loaded with pictures and copy of baseball’s greatest home run hitters. Players like Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Eddie Mathews, Reggie Jackson, Mike Schmidt, Ted Williams, Mark McGwire and others, are all covered in great detail. Loaded with high-quality photos on 70-lb. gloss paper is what makes this book a great baseball collectible.
If you have a favorite player, who was known for his hitting, the odds are pretty good that he is featured in this book. A special section called the “Tools of the Trade” examines the evolution of the baseball bat and shows examples of gamers from the late 1800s to present day. A special picture on Babe Ruth’s 1927 Louisville Slugger is shown. Babe would notch his bat in gunfighter style for each home run he hit.
Statistical data of fills the book as well as readers can gather their own conclusion as to who was the greatest slugger of all time. A color photo by photographer Marvin E. Newman graces the front cover. (photo 988)

52. How To Play Championship Baseball by Oscar Fraley – 1954, A.A. Wyn, Inc., hard and soft cover
Dedicated to all the Little Leaguers of today, who will be the big leaguers of tomorrow, Fraley’s book is a tutorial that teaches some of the finer points of pitching, batting, bunting, catching, fielding, and throwing. Taught by 18 of the game’s biggest stars, including Mantle, Phil Rizzuto, Ralph Kiner, Pee Wee Reese, Duke Snider, Stan Musial, and others, the book is loaded with nearly 400 continuous action photographs. (photo 989)
53. Yankee Colors: The Glory Years of The Mantle Era by Al Silverman and Marvin Newman – 2009, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., hardcover
With the foreword written by Yogi Berra, Yankee Colors is the ultimate book when it comes to photographs of the all- time great Yankees during the Mantle era. Filled with mostly color photos, the book shows photos of Mickey that this author has never seen before. Photos show Mickey shaving next to Yogi Berra in the Yankee locker room, bandaging both his legs before a game, jumping into a car driven by Yogi outside of Yankee Stadium, having a cold drink after a game with teammates, and plenty of action shots that show him batting, sliding, and fielding.
Mickey is also shown driving a tractor on Miller J. Huggins Field during spring training. The truly amazing photography is credited to Marvin E. Newman, who covered the Yankees when working for Sports Illustrated.
Newman’s photography includes brilliant pictures of old Yankee Stadium in the 1950s and 1960s, World Series coverage from 1955-64, and Old Timers Day 1978, when DiMaggio, Mantle, Roger Maris, Billy Martin, Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford and others would gather for a day of memories and celebration. Silverman’s text and Newsman’s photography makes this book worthy of a top five position of all-time Mantle books. (photo 990)
54. A Great Teammate: The Legend Of Mickey Mantle by Randall Swearingen – 2007, Sports Publishing, soft cover
On February 17, 2007, I wrote this book review for
“A great book about No. 7. It is filled with interviews from Mick’s teammates who knew him best. Swearington did his homework on this one. It’s filled with lots of statistics and information that will possibly introduce ‘The Mick’ to a new generation. A home run.”
Swearingen has taken the time to track down the people who knew Mickey best. He interviewed people who grew up with Mickey in his hometown and tracked down people who played with and against him in the minors. He interviewed his Yankee teammates, as well, and collected nearly 70 different quotes, all of which revealed their love, respect and admiration for The Mick.
Even on the card show circuit, there was a kind of rat pack that existed. Mickey always made sure that Hank, Moose, and Johnny Blanchard were there with him. It was a way that they could make a few extra bucks and get together to share a laugh or two, as well as a couple of cold drinks after the show.
The middle of the book features a special section of pictures from famed photographers Ozzie Sweet, who has taken some of the nicest Mantle photos known to exist, and Frank Bauman, who took a series of studio portraits of Mickey in his rookie season of 1951. (photo 991)

55. “Then Roy Said To Mickey” The Best Yankees Stories Ever Told by Roy White and Darell Berger – 2009, Triumph Books, hardcover
Roy White was always a favorite of mine. When Mickey retired from baseball, there wasn’t a lot going on in Yankee Land. In fact, rooting for the Yankees from 1965 to 1975 was like rooting for the Oakland Raiders of today.
During this time, the Yanks still had some pretty big names in Mantle, Roger Maris and Whitey Ford, but the problem was that during this time period these players had seen their better days and would be retiring soon or, in Roger’s case, traded to St. Louis.
White reminisces with captivating stories from his days with the Bronx Bombers. Stories of Thurman Munson, Catfish Hunter, Billy Martin, Joe Pepitone and others are all told by the man who lived through it all. Speaking of Pepitone, Mickey loved to play pranks on him.
It’s great reading for those who enjoy the behind the scene antics that the public never knew. (photo 992)

56. Faith Made Them Champions- A Guideposts Collection by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale – 1954, Guideposts Associates, Inc., hardcover
Faith Made Them Champions is a collection of inspiring stories of faith and courage from some of America’s most famous personalities. Entries from Babe Ruth, Roy Rogers, Mantle, Jackie Robinson, Doak Walker, Cecil B. de Mille, Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Branch Rickey, Perry Como,Lowell Thomas, and Gene Tunney are all told. (photo 993)

57. Sultans Of Swat: Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio & Mantle by The New York Times – 2006, St. Martin’s Press, hardcover
Filled with vintage photographs, statistics, and obituaries, The New York Times has paid tribute to the four greatest players in Yankee history. Using stories that were originally printed in newspaper format, the book gives Yankee fans a chance to relive the impact that these sluggers had on the game. (photo 994)
58. 61* The Story Of Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle, and One Magical Summer by Ron Smith – 2001, Sporting News, hardcover
In 2001, Billy Crystal finished a life long dream of producing and directing a movie to pay homage to two of his childhood heroes: Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. That movie was called *61. Filled with a plethora of black-and-white photos of the M&M Boys from their storied season of 1961, author Ron Smith traces that magical home run race week by week. Starting with spring training, The Sporting News opens up its archives and covers Mickey and Roger’s assault of Babe Ruth’s single season home run record of 60 dating back to 1927. (photo 995)

59. Miami Area Telephone Directory: February 1999 - January 2000, Cherokee Publishing, Inc., soft cover
OK, this may not be your typical Mickey Mantle book, but it does feature “The Mick” on the front cover. Made as a tribute to Mickey, artist Nick Calcagno’s portrait shows Mickey kneeling on his right knee while leaning on his bat. The directory had a distribution of 22,200 copies. (photo 996)

60. Mickey And Me By Dan Gutman – 2003, Harper Collins, soft cover
This fictional book is about a young Little Leaguer whose dad was in a bad automobile accident. As he lay in the hospital bed, he tells his son about a 1951 rookie card that he wanted his son to have. His father had started his son collecting cards many years before.
As it turns out the son has the ability to travel back in time with baseball cards. In this case, his father wanted him to travel back to 1951 to warn Mickey Mantle of the drain cover in right field, so that Mickey could avoid injury. From there on, the story has many twists and turns that makes the book a great read for baseball card collectors of any age.
The series by Gutman began in 1997 with Honus & Me, and is one of the most successful of its genre, with more than two million copies in print from almost a dozen different titles. (photo 997)

61. The Story Of The New York Yankees by David Fischer – 2003, DK Publishing, hardcover
This children’s book is part of series that is targeted for beginning readers. Filled with both black-and-white and color photos, the book traces the beginning roots of the most storied franchise in all of sports, the New York Yankees. Beginning with the early years when the franchise was known as the New York Highlanders and continuing to the time of the copyright date of 2003, the traces the Yankee legends that include Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Munson, Berra, Jackson, Rivera, Jeter, and more. It’s a great book for young Yankee fans. (photo 998)

62. Mickey Mantle’s: Behind The Scenes in America’s Most Famous Sports Bar By Bill Liederman, 2007, The Lyons Press, hardcover
The dust jacket is one of the best. It shows a picture of a booth inside the restaurant/bar with a superimposed photo of Mickey dressed in his home pinstriped Yankee uniform. This book is a blast. I have found the author Bill Liederman to be funny as well as informative. Liederman, the founder and onr-time proprietor of Mickey Mantle’s, tells behind-the-scene stories of what went on at the restaurant as well as his relationship with Mickey. It was a book that I couldn’t put down. (photo 999)

63. Mickey Mantle Memorabilia (Sports Collectors Digest) by Rick Hines, Mark Larson and Dave Platta – 1993, Krause Publications
The Mickey Mantle Memorabilia guide is filled with stories and pictures of The Mick. With an emphasis on Mickey’s collectibles, the guide focuses on the various types of collectibles such as uniforms, autographed team balls, game-used equipment, books, magazines, records, cards, advertisements, artwork, postcards, coins, and you name it.
Considered to be the best source of information at the time, the guide even tells the reader what to look for when buying a Mantle autograph. Also covered is the historic Guernsey’s Auction in which the original 1953 Topps paintings of Mantle and Mays were sold for $121,00 and $88,000 respectively. In addition to the Marriott purchases just described, photos of an actual 1960 Mantle Spalding jersey with proper tagging are shown. The jersey, auctioned by Lelands in 1992, sold for $111,100. The front cover features various Mantle collectibles supplied by friend and fellow collector Kevin Huard. (photo 1000)

64. “The Most Mickeys on My Mantle” by Neil Robert Sakow – 1992 (Photo 1001)
65. More of “The Most Mickeys on My Mantle” By Neil Robert Sakow (Photo 1002)
66. Unbelievably Still More of “The Most Mickeys on My Mantle” by Neil Robert Sakow (Photo 1003)
67. More, More, More of The Most Mickeys On My Mantle by Neil Robert Sakow (Photo 1004)
In the early 1990s, Neil Robert Sakow of West Hartford, Conn., arguably had one of the best collections of Mantle memorabilia known to exist. In fact, he had so much stuff that he opened a museum called Neil’s American Dream Museum. In conjunction with his museum, Sakow issued a total of four books that were filled with picture upon picture of Mantle items. Filled with baseball cards, uncut sheets, test items, toys, endorsements, and much, much more, the books served as an encyclopedia for even the most advanced Mantle collectors.
There are no ISBN numbers as these books were printed independently and sold at the museum. Each front cover shows Sakow surrounded by all of his Mantle memorabilia and on two of the books the author is surrounded by the world famous “Neilettes.”

68. The Neil Robert Sakow Collection - Tribute And Salute – 1995
This publication isn’t a book. In fact, it hardly qualifies as a booklet. This 6-page publication is a sonnet about The Commerce Comet. Four pictures of Mickey appear in the poem: a 1952 Topps, a 1951 pose of Mickey wearing the No. 6, and two “candids” when he played for the Kansas City Blues Yankees farm team. (photo 1005)

69. The Magnificent Yankees by Tom Meany – 1952, 1956 and 1957, Grosset And Dunlap.
Tom Meany answers the age-old question, “What makes the New York Yankees great?” The answer is the men who wear the Yankees uniform. Meany profiles the personnel of the great Yankee teams, with stories of Casey Stengel, DiMaggio, Vic Raschi, Allie Reynolds, Eddie Lopat, Yogi Berra, Rizzuto, Hank Bauer, Gene Woodling, Bobby Brown, Jerry Coleman, Don Larsen, Gil McDougald and Mantle. All have individual chapters, except for Bauer and Woodling, who are paired together. The dust jacket shows a painting of Casey and his Yankees that includes Mantle, Berra, Lopat, Rizzuto, Reynolds, and Brown. (photo 1006)

70. The Mickey Mantle Novel by Peter Golenbock – 2007, Lyons Press, Inc., hardcover
Released in 2007, Golenbock’s novel today remains one of the most controversial Mantle books on the shelf. This fictional account of a ballplayer’s life reveals Mickey as an individual who lives in fear of failure. It examines how he never atones for some of the horrible things he did in his lifetime. The author takes you into the locker room and bedroom with the All-American Yankee idol. Even an encounter with Marilyn Monroe is described from start to finish.
Looking at the matter straightforward, there may be some truth to a lot of these stories, but we’ll probably never know for sure. The fact is, even though the book is fictional, it does strongly suggest that The Mick did engage in some less-than-stellar activities that some Mantle fans don’t want to hear or read about. The book borders on the line of pornographic with a plethora of tasteless and insipid words. (photo 1007)

71. Our Mickey by Bill Liederman and Maury Allen – 2004, Triumph Books, harcover
Mantle was a hero to millions and he was arguably the greatest player of his generation. He was an idol to fans of all ages. Liederman and Allen have assembled dozens of stories from people who were affected by Mickey. By using personal stories of people who knew him best, the book gives us glimpses of Mickey’s life, personality, and character. Teammates Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford, Willie Mays, Stan Musial, Billy Crystal, Regis Philbin, Bobby Richardson, and countless others, all provide stories of warmth about the great No. 7. (photo 1008)

72. The Pictorial Baseball Instructor-by Lamont Buchanan – 1954, E.P. Dutton and Co., hardcover
Filled with 182 photographs, The Pictorial Baseball Instructor shows how to play each position on three different levels: Little League, college and big league professional. Using action photos, the book offers 40 magic baseball rules that will help all players develop their game. Written in 1954, pictures and action shots of players like Allie Reynolds, Vic Raschi, Joe Black, Whitey Ford, Warren Spahn, Gil Hodges, Pee Wee Reese, Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson, Roy Campanella, and others all are shown playing their positions. Commentary is then added to reinforce the correct techniques and positioning. Mickey is shown on several pages of the book and also appears on the book’s dust jacket. (photo 1009)

73. Clean Up Hitter by Dick Friendlich – 1956, Westminster Press, hardcover
Clean Up Hittter is a schoolbook that is a fictional baseball story. It has nothing to do with Mickey or even the New York Yankees. Then why include this book on the Mantle list? Well, if you look closely, the illustration on the front cover is definitely “The Mick” with a “P” on his hat. If nothing more, it serves as a good conversation piece in a Mantle book collection. (photo 1010)

74. Whitey And Mickey: An Autobiography of The Yankee Years by Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle and Joseph Durso – 1977, The Viking Press, hardcover and soft cover
They both joined the Yankees together in 1950. They were teammates, roommates and ran around together. Whitey Ford and Mickey Mantle even entered the Hall of Fame together in 1974. Whitey and Mickey is a book that provides an inside view of the glory years with the Yankees and Stengel. Also included are humorous stories of investments gone bad and some that went well. Whitey tells of investments that he and Mickey made in a company called the Canadian Bomb Shelter Survival Company. Need I say more? I think you can guess the outcome.
It’s a great read of two players known as “Mick and Slick.” A paperback soft cover was also printed in March of 1978. It features an illustration of Mickey and Whitey (photo 1011, 1012. )

75. Chronology of New York Yankee Records by John A. Mercurio – 1989, Harper and Row, soft cover
With a picture of Mickey on the front cover, this book offers year-by-year statistics and analysis of the Yankees. With records dating back to the franchise’s beginning days of 1903, the paperback offers trivia questions and statistical data of batting, pitching, and fielding records. If you are in need of statistical data, Mercurio provides all the answers. It is so detailed, that it took the author eight years to compile. (photo 1013)

76. The Ultimate Yankee Baseball Quiz Book by Dom Forker, a Signet Book, soft cover
The book is what it says it is. It is the ultimate quiz book on Yankee baseball. Filled with more than 2,500 questions dating back to the early days of Ruth and Gehrig and continuing through the 1980s, Forker’s book will keep your attention for days and maybe even months. The front cover features an artist’s rendition of DiMaggio, Ruth, Mantle, Gehrig, Reggie Jackson, Wally Pipp, Yogi, Larsen, Elston Howard and Red Ruffing, (photo 1014)

77. For The Love Of The Yankees: An A-to Z Primer for Yankees Fans of All Ages by Frederick C. Klein – 2005, Triumph Books, hardcover (Photo 1015)

78. For The Love Of The Yankees: An A-to Z Primer for Yankees Fans of All Ages by Frederick C. Klein – 2003, Triumph Books, hardcover
The above two books are almost identical, except for the fact that the book’s dust jacket has totally changed and caricatures of Alex Rodriguez and Randy Johnson were added to the 2005 edition. With illustrations by artist Mark Anderson, the author and illustrator have included a Yankee caricature for each letter of the alphabet, if applicable. (photo 1016)

79. Greatest Sports Legends of Baseball by Mike Tollin – 1979, Ace Books, soft cover
This large formatted book, which measures 8-by-10¾ inches, features intimate profiles of 10 all-time baseball greats from the television series Greatest Sports Legends. With the forward of the book written by Tom Seaver, the book includes profiles of Mantle, Willie Mays, Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra, Hank Aaron, DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Roy Campanella, Bob Feller and Leo Durcher. The front and back cover is filled with very colorful illustrations of the 10 Hall of Famers. (photo 1017)

80. The New York Yankees: An Illustrated History by Donald Honig – 1981, Crown Publishers, Inc., harcover
Filled with countless photographs that go back to the days when the franchise was known as the “Highlanders,” and continuing to the time of its publication, Honig gives the reader a complete lesson on the history of the Yankees. Photos of the all-time greats, the near-greats, and the not-so-greats are all included. In fact, there are more than 500 pictures, some of which have never been printed. The front cover shows The Bambino, with inset photos of DiMaggio, Gehrig, Jackson and Mantle. (photo 1018)

81. Memories of Mickey Mantle: My Very Best Friend by Marshall Smith and John Rohde – 1996, Adventure Quest, Inc. , harcover
If you could imagine your best friend was Mickey Mantle, this book shows what it would be like. Marshall Smith, a fellow Oklahoman, was a lifetime friend of Mickey. Having grown up together, the two would spend hours and hours playing golf at the Shangri-La Country Club, where Smith actually taught Mickey how to golf. Smith includes many of his personal photos that include Mickey and him visiting his mother at a nursing home and countless photos of the two on the golf course with many of their mutual friends. Other photos, courtesy of Tom Catal, show Mickey in his Yankee uniform.
Smith tells his stories about Mickey and how he battled alcoholism, autograph hounds, and loneliness. The book is a great read by a person who really was a friend of the entire Mantle family. (photo 1019)

82. Baseball Stars Of 1957 by Bruce Jacobs – 1957, Lion Library, soft cover
With a glorious front-cover illustration by Robert Engle, Mantle is shown with his Triple Crown that he won by batting .353, with 130 runs batted in and 52 home runs. (photo 1020)

83. Explosion! by Mark Gallagher – 1987, Arbor House, hardcover
A total of 536 home runs. That number has been a fixation for every Mantle fan. Author Mark Gallagher examines every one of those 536 clouts by listing every blow by date, place, game score and Mantle’s position in the batting order. Gallagher even gives us statistical data that tells us the Yankees won-loss record when Mick homered, the locations, the teams in which Mick hit his home runs, the number of men on base, and the list goes on and on. (photo 1021)

84. How I Hit By Mickey Mantle – 1956, Mickey Mantle Enterprizes, Inc., soft cover
Issued as a premium in 1956, this 16-page booklet was an advertising promotion for Lifebuoy soap. The book offer batting tips from Mickey, whose main message is, “Don’t try to kill the ball. Have a square and coordinated swing. It’s not how much power you have, but how much power you use.” The booklet includes several black-and-white photos of Mickey by himself and with his family. (photo 1022)

85. Sweet Seasons By Dom Forker – 1990, Taylor Publishing, hardcover
Containing 16 pages of photographs, Sweet Seasons profiles the players who powered the Yankees from 1955-64. Players are interviewed and tell what it was like to wear the Yankee pinstripes during those magnificent years of Yankee dominance. Some of the players profiled include Bobby Richardson, Whitey Ford, Bob Turley, Mantle, Maris, Howard, Berra, Steve Hamilton, Phil Linz, Hector Lopez and Andy Carey. (photo 1023)

86. The “Miracle” New York Yankees by Phil Rizzuto and Al Silverman – 1962, Coward-McVann, Inc., harcover
Written by Phil “Scooter” Rizzuto and Al Silverman, the duo retraces one of the all time greatest Yankee teams, the 1961 New York Yankees. With unparalleled individual and team achievements, Ralph Houk, the new Yankee manager, made some radical changes the brought the world championship banner to the Bronx. (photo 1024)

87. Mickey Mantle: The American Dream Comes to Life by Mickey Mantle and Lewi Early – 1994, Sagamore Publishing, hardcover
The companion volume to the award-winning Public Television Videography Program Special, this book was dedicated to the memory of Roger Maris, as good a ballplayer and as good a man as there ever was.
Filled with more than 200 rare photos of Mickey from his earliest days to the late 1980s or early 1990s, The American Dream covers Mickey’s career in pinstripes. Photos and stories of Mickey’s appearance in Washington before the Senate Committee’s investigation of Baseball’s Antitrust Status appear in Chapter 2. Tales of nightlife carousing with Whitey and Billy and the Copacabana incident are all covered as well. Pictures of Mickey and his teammates appearing on The Match Game and a photo of Bobby Richardson on the Captain Kangaroo show are there as well. (photo 1025)

88. All Century Team by Mark Vancil and Peter Hirdt – 1999, Rare Air Media, harcover
In the summer of 1999, Major League Baseball distributed more than 35 million ballots to determine which 30 individuals would make up the most prestigious team in the history of the game. With some of the game’s best photography from some of baseball’s greatest photographers, the book uses high-quality technology to create images that will leave impressions for years to come. Nine pitchers and 21 position players made the cut. Of those 21 position players, 10 were outfielders, a group that included Mantle. (photo 1026)

89. Topps: The Home Run Book by Zander Hollander – 1981, Associated Features, soft cover
This 96-page paperback is all about the game’s greatest home run hitters. With one-page write-ups about each personality and photo, the book breaks down the hitters into specialty clubs like the 700 Home Run Club, the 600 Home Run Club and the 500 Home Run Club that includes Mantle. The front cover shows Topps baseball cards of Reggie, Aaron, Mike Schmidt, Mantle and Willie Mays. (photo 1027)

90. 50 Years Of Yankee All-Stars by Mark Gallagher – 1984, Leisure Press, soft cover
The first All-Star Game was held in 1933 at Comiskey Park. Author Mark Gallagher has assembled a comprehensive list of every New York Yankee to play in the Summer Classic. Complete with a career biography and picture, each of the 80 Yankees to have played from 1933 to 1984, have their own special write-up that pays homage to their skills and impact to their respective Yankee teams. The front cover shows a collage of Yankee All-stars painted by Robert Stephen Simon. Included are illustrations of Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Dave Winfield, Lou Gehrig, Whitey Ford, Craig Nettles, and Joe DiMaggio. (photo 1028)

91. Baseball as I Have Known It by Fred Lieb – 1977, Tempo Books, soft cover
Written by one of the greastest baseball writers of all time, Fred Lieb has seen it all. Having befriended legends like Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig, Lieb writes enlightening stories that are supplemented with rare photos dating back to 1911. Although Mantle is only mentioned in the Yankees’ five consecutive world championships under manager Stengel, he does make the front cover that shows him in full stride while batting right-handed along with illustrations of Stan Musial, Carl Hubbel and Johnny Bench. (photo 1029)

92. Switch Hitting H.R. Swings by Mickey Mantle – 1989, Baseball Flipp Tipps - Visionation, soft cover
Baseball Flip Tipps is a 72-page front-and-back visual presentation of Mickey hitting a home run while he is batting both left- and right-handed. Reminiscent of the old Flip Books, the 72 photos present a 3-second sequential “film” of the Mick. The front and back cover feature a color illustration of Mickey batting right-handed. Accompanying each photo is a written batting tip that will help youngsters improve their batting techniques, while studying the legendary Mantle. (photo 1030)

93. Japanese Program Booklet – 1976, soft cover
In 1955, when the Yankees visited Japan on a good will tour, Mantle and Billy Martin were photographed giving batting tips to a small group of Japanese children. With Mickey and Billy dressed in casual attire, the children are all seen sporting Yankee baseball caps. Since the title and other pertinent information are written in Japanese, the name of this book is currently unavailable. The date 1976 appears in the lower-right corner and it is assumed that the photo was taken during the 1955 Yankees Japan tour. (photo 1031)

94. We Would Have Played For Nothing by Fay Vincent – 2008, Simon and Shuster, hardcover
Written by former Commissioner Fay Vincent, We Would Have Played For Nothing is a collection of interviews and stories from former stars of the 1950s and 1960s. In an age when there was no free agency, Vincent talks to players who had the unpleasant task of negotiating with owners who had the upper hand and controlled the baseball world.
Stories from Duke Snider, Whitey Ford, Harmon Killebrew, Frank and Brooks Robinson, and Robin Roberts all tell their tales of what it was like playing in that era. The front cover shows Mantle, Berra and Ford in their pinstriped Yankee uniforms. Although The Mick does not have his own chapter, he is mentioned quite frequently, especially in the entry on Ford. (photo 1032)

95. Day By Day In New York Yankees Hsitory by Mark Gallagher – 1983, Leisure Press, soft cover
Starting in 1903 and continuing up until the publication of this book, 1983, the author Mark Gallagher has recorded every significant date in Yankee history. Want to know the date of Thurman Munson’s fatal crash, or how about the date that Babe Ruth became a Yankee? Or better still, how about the date of Mickey Mantle’s first home run or his 500th? The answers to all these questions are in the book. As Casey used to say, “You can look it up.” The front cover of Day by Day shows a color close-up photo of Mickey batting right handed. (photo 1033)

96. Baseball Legends by Angus G. Garber – 1988, Michael Friedman Publishing Group, Inc., harcover
Filled with stories and magical moments of the game, Angus Garber highlights some of the all-time great players and their accomplishments. For Mickey, it was his record of 18 career home runs during the World Series. For Willie Mays, it was winning 11 Gold Gloves as a centerfielder for the Giants. Stan Musial is recognized for his 24 All-Star games and Pete Rose for hitting better than .300 for nine straight seasons.
Filled with black-and-white and color pictures, the book also gives the reader statistical data and personal write-ups of players like Mike Schmidt, Jackie Robinson, Brooks Robinson, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Sandy Koufax.
Besides Mantle’s personal entry and career statistics, he also graces the front cover, which shows him in his road New York uniform batting right handed. (photo 1034) u

(This section on Mantle books concludes with the May 28 issue of SCD.)

97. Mickey Mantle-By Ronald A. Reis-copyright 2009, 2008- Isbn- 978-0-7910-9900-1 And 978-0-7910-9546-1- Checkmark Books- Hard Cover And Soft Cover.
Part of a series of biographical books on baseball greats, Reis traces Mickey’s origin back to Commerce, Oklahoma, as a youngster and continues his timeline of Mickey until his passing in August of 1995. Using first-rate quality photographs to supplement his writing, Reiss shows pictures of Mickey with teammate Roger Maris, Casey Stengel, his wife and children, Willie Mays and Commissioner Peter Ueberroth, and many others. Stories of Mickey include his many accomplishments and how he became a role model and an American hero. Other books in the series include biographies of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jackie Robinson, hank Aaron, Albert Pujols, Andruw Jones, and Ichiro Suzuki. (photo 107)

98. Baseball’s All-time Greats: The Top Fifty Players-By Mac Davis- Copyright 1970- Isbn 553-05338-075- Bantam Books-soft Cover.
Featuring a short 4-page write-up of “Old Blood and Guts,” Author Mac Davis writes short blurbs about the top 50 players to have ever played the game. With a list that includes such memorables as Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx, Rogers Hornsby, Jackie Robinson, Pie Traynor, Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Cy Young, Casey Stengel, Grover Cleveland Alexander and others. The book also features photos of 26 of those 50 players. For Mantle, it’s the typical story of how great he could have been, if injuries would not have plagued him throughout his stellar career as a New York Yankee. A close-up facial shot of Mickey appears on the front cover. (photo 108)

99. Batting Tips-By Mickey Mantle- 1962 Alvarn Company
This one page foldout “pamphlet” is divided into ten 2 ¾” x 5 ½” sections. It features Mickey in a right-handed batting stance with facsimile signature on its front cover. Inside, the reader will find tips on pitching and how to play each defensive position. The reverse side, features tips on catching, playing the outfield, and also gives important batting suggestions. The pamphlet was included in Mickey Mantle’s Batting Training Set with Adjustable Weight Bat that was reported earlier in the “Toys and Games” submission of the Mickey Mantle Complete Collectibles Guide. (photo 109)

100. Mickey Mantle- His Final Inning- By Ed Cheek- American Tract Society- 30291
In 1995, The American Society of Garland, Texas, published a tri-fold single sheet brochure that dealt with Mickey finding Christ as his savior. The bible references in the brochure are from the King James Version. (photo 110)

101. Mickey Mantle -His Final Inning- By Ed Cheek- American Tract Society- 30291
In 1998, The American Tract Society of Garland, Texas, updated its 1995 version by altering the front cover with a new design. The verbiage is basically the same as the 1995 version, but the back page has the addition of an advertisement for a Mickey Mantle CD-ROM of the same name. It includes sports highlights, stats, trivia, game simulation, and ESPN footage. (photo 111)

102. Living With Arthritis- Tips From Hall Of Fame Athlete Mickey Mantle- Copyright 1989 Ciba-geigy- 388-9500-a.
This 17-page booklet gives helpful tips of how to live with arthritis. Filled with picture of Mickey, the main point that Mickey makes is the fact that if you do have arthritis, you should see a doctor to get on the proper medication. Mickey is shown in casual attire leaning on a bat with his left hand. (photo 112)

103. Home For The Holidays-By Gene Stelten- Copyright 1995- Isbn- 1-56145-114-2- Peachtree Publications, Ltd.- Hard Cover.
Filled with stories from over 60 prominent Americans- including celebrities, politicians, athletes and artists- Home for the Holidays offers warm stories for the holidays. With entries from Mickey Mantle, Casey Kasem, Joe Paterno, Barbara Bush, Rosalynn Carter, Hillary Clinton, Evaner Holyfield, and countless others, all share their personal stories that bring a warmth to be enjoyed by all families sharing Christmas at home.
For Mickey, his story was how he, with the help of friends, managed to raise over $131,000 playing golf at the Harbor Club Golf Resort to benefit the less fortunate of Green County, Georgia. In 1993, the proceeds went on to help over 750 needy families and in 1994, Christmas goodies were sent to over 1,050 families. It gave Mick great pleasure in helping the less fortunate. (photo 113)

104. Mickey Mantle Minute-a- Day Isometric Program Pamphlet- Supra-vite Corporation
This quad fold one page foldout shows Mickey Mantle promoting the Minute-A-Day Isometric Gym. Recommended for teen-agers, adults, and older folks, the advertisement guarantees that if the consumer spends one minute a day, it will increase strength as much as 5% per week up to 50% in ten weeks. The folder was also shown in the Toys and Games submission of the Mickey Mantle Complete Collectibles Guide. (photo 114)

105. Mickey Mantle Fedtro Foldout- Copyright 1965
This large multi-fold one page booklet features multiple pictures of Mickey Mantle promoting the various megaphone and communication products of Fedtro. Mickey is shown in casual attire and in his Yankee uniform. (photo 115)

106. Mickey Mantle’s Week Of Dreams-
This quad-fold one page color foldout advertising brochure shows multiple pictures of Mickey Mantle and his Yankee teammates hank Bauer, Johnny Blanchard, Jake Gibbs, Ron Guidry, Catfish Hunter, Moose Skowron, Enos Slaughter, and Tom Tresh. If you were willing to plunk down $3950.00, you could spend a week with Mickey in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It was the place where the ultimate baseball fantasy became a reality. (photo 116)

107. The Mickey Mantle Whitey Ford Fantasy Baseball Camp-
Billed as the experience of a lifetime, this advertising brochure offered campers a chance to play ball with Mickey, Whitey, Hank, Moose, Mike Ferraro, Jake Gibbs, Mickey Rivers, Ralph Houk, and Enos Slaughter. The fantasy camp came at a price of $3650.00 per camper. Different brochures were printed for each respective year. (photo 117, 117b)

108. 1974 New York Yankees Press/tv/radio Guide- Soft Cover.
Sporting a photo of Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford at the 1974 annual BBWAA media conference, the two are shown posing together to announce their election into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. The guide is filled with statistical data, player’s biographies, and the 1974 roster of the New York Yankees. (photo 118)

109. Playing Major League Baseball-By Mickey Mantle- Copyright 1956- Soft Cover
This 16-page booklet was an advertising premium for Lifebuoy Soap. The 6” x 9” booklet features fielding tips from Yogi Berra (catching), Ted Kluszewski (first base), Don Larsen (pitching), and Harvey Kuenn (infield). The inside back cover features a full page advertisement for Karo Syrup with Mickey Mantle and the back page shows Mickey with pen autographing a baseball. (photos 119, 120)

110. The Prousest Yankees Of All-By David Hickey And Kerry Keene- Copyright 2003- Isbn- 0-58979-008-1- Taylor Trade Publishing- Hard Cover.
This 224 page book celebrates the 39 players, managers, and team executives who have been elected to Baseball’s Hall of Fame for the baseball feats they achieved during their tenure with the New York Yankees. The front cover pictures Joe DiMaggio, Reggie Jackson, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, and Babe Ruth. The book contains 40 photos. (photo 121)

111. 1965 Official Baeball Almanac-By Bill Wise- Copyright 1965- Gold Medal Books- Fawcett Publictions, Inc.- Soft Cover.
Complete with team rosters for 1965 season and batting averages and pitching records for the 1964 season, the 1965 Baseball Almanac has a special feature story on Mickey Mantle, Sandy Koufax, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, and others. Predictions for the 1965 season are also written. The paperback cover features Mickey Mantle batting right-handed in his road gray Yankee uniform. (photo 122)

112. Baseball Stars Of 1965-By Ray Robinson- Copyright 165- Pyramid Books- Soft Cover.
Using the photo of Mickey Mantle’s homerun in the 1964 World Series, Author Ray Robinson tells behind the scene stories of some of the games biggest stars. Lifetime statistics fill the book with predictions for the upcoming 1965 season. (photo 123)

113. Baseball’s One For The Book- 1968 Edition- By Leonard Gettelson- The Sporting News Publishing Company- Soft Cover.
The book features the official all-time baseball records up to 1968. Mickey Mantle appears on the front cover batting left-handed in his road Yankee uniform. (photo 124)

114. The Sporting News 1957 Dope Book-By J.g. Taylor Spink- Copyrigth 1957- The Sporting News Publishing Company- Soft Cover.
The 1957 Dope Book features a right-handed follow through swing illustration of Mickey Mantle on the front cover. Complete with facts, figures, and feature stories, the book also includes major league rosters, statistical data, and ballpark diagrams. (photo 125)
Similar books from The Sporting News with Mantle on the front cover also exist. They are basically the same in content except for the change of dates. One such book is The Official Guide- Baseball 1957 Rules and Averages. This shows Mickey being greeted by his teammates after hitting a homerun at Yankee stadium. (photo 125b)
In 1965, The Sporting News published Official World Series Records from 1903 through 1964. It shows pictures of Bob Gibson, Bobby Richardson, and Mickey Mantle. (photo 125c)
Finally, Mickey appeared on the front cover of the 1967 Dope Book (published by The Sporting News) as part of a tribute to all the Triple Crown winners to date. On the cover with Mickey were Ty Cobb, Ted Williams, Frank Robinson, Lou Gehrig, and others. (photo 125d)

115. Memories Of A Yankee Batboy 1956- 1961-By Frank Prudenti- Copyright 2003- Pru Publications- Hard Cover.
Imagine for a second that you are the New York Yankees batboy from 1956 to 1961. As a youngster growing up, that would be the dream job of a lifetime. Relive Mickey’s Triple Crown year of 1956 and sit in the dugout of one of the greatest teams of all-time, the 1961 Yanks. Well, for Frank Prudenti that was his job. Prudenti tells the hilarious behind the scene stories in an era that is long gone. The front cover of the book shows an autographed photo of Mickey with Frank in the Yankee dugout. (photo 126)

116. Tommy Al Bat- “El Beisbol Y Sus Heroes”-By Tomas Morales Fernandez- Copyright 1968, La Prensa, Mexico City- Soft Cover.
This very rare 275 page Spanish book shows Mickey Mantle and teammate Joe Pepitone sharing a laugh at the batting cage. The book is more on baseball and contains very little on Mickey. (photo 127)

117. Mickey Mantle- An Authorized Pictorial Tribute- Copyright 1995- Harvest Media- Soft Cover.
Some may say this is a magazine, and some may say it is a booklet. Whatever category you place it in, is totally up to you. In 1995, this special collectors edition was made and distributed through Footlocker. It is loaded with great photos and article of The Mick. A Mickey Mantle Donor Card was also inserted in ech issue and all proceeds were earmarked to benefit The Mickey mantle Donor Awareness Foundation. (photo 127b)

Comic Books
Featuring Mickey Mantle Checklist-

117. The earliest comic book that contained Mickey Mantle on the front cover was the 1952 Fawcett Publication, The Thrilling True Story of the Baseball Yankees. The front cover showed color, head shot photos of Yogi Berra, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Hank Bauer, Allie Reynolds, and Casey Stengel. Mickey’s first name was misspelled as “Micky.” It was never corrected. The comic book told the story of the 1951 World Champion New York Yankees and other great Yankee teams of the past. (photo 128)

118. In 1953, a comic book called Mickey Mantle Fun Damentals was produced by Graphics of St. Paul, Minnesota. It shows Mickey batting right-handed with the catcher in the background and nine baseballs in the strike zone. Also on the front cover in the lower left corner are the following words: “Which of these nine fair balls is your weakness? How’s your bunting and base running? Mickey Mantle in this booklet will give you real Baseball Fun Damentals! It is without a doubt the hardest to find of all Mickey Mantle comic books ever produced. (photos 129, 130)

119. In 1957, Mission Soda issued the comic book called, My Greatest Thrills in Baseball by Mickey Mantle.
The comic was a premium give-a-way with the purchase of a six-pack carrier of Mission Soda. The Mission Soda window poster is shown with comic book. The last page of the comic book features a full-page color advertisement with Mickey promoting “Mission of California.” Mickey is shown in a left-handed batting pose wearing his Yankee pinstripe uniform. (photos 131, 132, 133)

120. Estrella Del Deporte Mickey Mantle
To commemorate the retirement of Mickey Mantle from baseball in 1968, this Spanish comic book highlights the career of the great Yankee slugger in comic book form. Also on the front cover are the Spanish words, “ La Maxima Figura de Los Yanquis.” (photo 134)

121. Chanoc- No 461- Mickeymantle – Bola Canon
This Mexican comic features the life story of Mickey Mantle. It was released on August 9, 1968. The publisher is Herrerias, Tijuana, Mexico. (photo 135)

122. “Great Hitters I’ve Known” By Mickey Mantle- Copyright 1976.
This mini comic book measures 3 ½” x 5” in size and was made for Carvel ice cream stores. Orignally selling for 35 cents, the book features Ted Williams, Joe Dimaggio, Yogi Berra, Hank Aaron, Stan Musial, and Willie Mays. A Whitey Ford mini comic book was also issued for Carvel. It was called, “Great Pitchers I’ve Known.” (photo 136)

123. Basky And Robin Ice Cream Comic “Cards”-
In the summer of 1980, ice cream giant Baskin and Robbins issued 3 colorized baseball cards in their “Fun with Basky and Robin” comic book. Although the cards were printed on regular paper stock, they were made to be cut and pasted into a scrapbook. The 3 players featured were Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle, and Ted Williams. They were a part of the Baseball Hall of Fame Collectors’ Series and were designated as “B 4-6.” (photos 137, 138)

124. Baseball Legends Comic #4 - Mickey Mantle-By Revolutionary Comics-
Unauthorized and proud of it, Personality comics issued a series of comic books that featured 19 of the all-time greats. The players were Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax , Willie Mays, Honus Wagner ,Roberto Clemente, Yogi Berra, Billy Martin, Hank Aaron, Satchel Paige, Carl Yastrzemski ,Johnny Bench, Shoeless Joe Jackson, and Lou Gehrig. The Mantle comic book was issued in 1992 and was 30 pages in length, not including the front and back cover. (photo 139)

125. Mickey Mantle Fantastic First Issue-By Magnum Comics-
In December of 1991, Magnum comics produced the first of two comic books on Mickey Mantle. The premier issue shows a young 19-year-old Mickey in a right-handed batting pose with the Number 6 barely visible on the back of his 1951 Yankee pinstriped uniform. (photo 140)

126. Mickey Mantle Spectacular Second Issue-By Magnum Comics-
Hot off the presses in November of 1992, Magnum comics continued “The Mickey Mantle Story” in their second issue. Mickey is shown holding his bat with both hands around his thigh area. Once again, Mickey is shown wearing his home Yankee pinstriped uniform and Yankee hat. The Magnum comics came individually wrapped in a clear plastic bag with the addition of a Mickey Mantle postcard. Three of the Mantle postcards drawn by artist Joe Orsak are shown. (photos 141, 142)

127. Sports Classics #2 Featuring Mickey Mantle-By Personality Comics-
Personality Comics released this Mickey Mantle issue in June of 1992. With the words, “The Unauthorized Biography” on the front cover, Personality Comics included 4 limited edition trading cards as the centerfold of its issue. The cards were limited to 6000 and were individually numbered. All of the artwork for the comic and cards were done in black and white. The front cover is the only page in color and does not contain the interlocking “NY” on Mickey’s hat for fear of violating the trademark infringement laws. Interestingly enough, the “NY” does appear on one of the four trading cars and does appear frequently in the comic book’s illustrations. Pictured are the front cover and four insert cards. (photos 143, 144)

128. Mickey Mantle : The Unauthorized Biography-By Celebrity Comics-
Produced in November 1992, Celebrity Comics released this Mickey Mantle issue that shows him in a close-up smiling pose. The “comic book” is more like a short story with almost 20 pages of copy supplemented with color and black and white illustrations. The back cover shows an illustration of Mickey pointing to the ball that he hit 565 feet in Washington, D.C. (photo 145)