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Mickey Mantle: The Complete Collectibles Guide: Article Rundown

Throughout 2009 and beyond, Sports Collectors Digest is running "Mickey Mantle: The Complete Collectibles Guide" series that looks at the famous Yankee slugger and his life as a huge pitchman for products galore, including hotels. Here, you will find the articles that have run thus far, with new additions making the list as they appear in SCD.

He's the most beloved baseball figure of the postwar era, and SCD is shining the spotlight squarely on Mickey Mantle in 2009. Welcome to Mickey antle: The Complete Collectibles Guide, a multi-part series focusing on The Mick, his collectibles, cards and other oddball items from his playing days and his days acting as a pitchman for various products.

To read the articles that have run thus far, click on the links below to download:

Part I – Topps Test and Inserts 1952-69

Part II – Yoo-Hoo, 1950s Orient tours

Part III – Mantle’s business ventures

Part IV – Postcards and photocards

Part V – Mickey Mantle’s Holiday Inn

Part VI – Mickey's Toys & Games Pt. 1

Part VII – Mickey's toys & Games Pt. II

Part VIII – Mickey's Records (audio)

Part IX – Mickey's Personal Photos

Part X – Display Ads, PT. I

Part XI - Display Ads Part II

Part XII - Display Ads Part III

Part XIII - Buttons

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