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Mariano Follow-Up: Steiner Releases Info on Rivera Collectibles


In a follow-up to yesterday's blog about Mariano Rivera breaking the all-time saves record, today Steiner Sports has sent out a release on available collectibles related to the 602 saves record and Mariano's career.

For those looking to purchase something related to the event, please see the release below:

Yankee fans and baseball collectors alike will be able to literally “save” a piece of history through the Mariano Rivera 602 All-time Saves Record Collection from Steiner Sports Memorabilia (

Now that Sandman has entered the record books by eclipsing Trevor Hoffman’s previous mark of 601 saves, Steiner has created a series of memorabilia to mark the occasion, complete with a Mariano logo, an etching of the hurler in pitching motion. The Yankee icon and sure-fire Hall of Famer amazingly recorded all of the saves with the same team – the New York Yankees. The collection will include: hand-signed photographs from the monumental achievement against the Twins at Yankee Stadium, dated Sept. 19, 2011; a plaque with featuring a capsule of dirt taken from the Stadium mound; replica lineup card plaque featuring an actual game ticket; game-used mound, bases and home plate; a 14x18 Timeline collage; signed jerseys, cleats and other items which will be announced later. For individual game-used items, fans can call 800-759-SCORE and ask for a V.I.P. customer service representative.

Steiner Sports will also handle all Mariano licensed product such as baseball caps, T-shirts and wrist bands, and product related to the 602 record-breaker. In addition, Steiner is offering 3,602 hand-signed baseballs with the 602 Record logo for $199, which is $200 less than the customary Rivera autographed baseball price. In addition, collectors who purchase the ball will also receive a Stadium dirt capsule valued at $30. “Mariano wanted as many fans as possible to participate in the collection,” said Steiner Sports founder and CEO Brandon Steiner.

“Mariano Rivera is a mega superstar,” added Steiner. “He is one of the five most popular players right now, and the record really hasn’t sunk in. We have a great pulse on the fans and collectors. It’s right there with the Jeter milestone. The respect level for Mo is at the highest level. Everyone who is a fan of the game, who watches the game, or is in the game thinks he is the best in the game. Off the field, it speaks even louder: Mo is an unbelievable family guy who is involved in community, and a great teammate. His actions speak louder than words and louder than endorsements.”

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