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Jeter's Appeal: Rawlings Offering 24-Carat Gold Ball Commemorating His 3,000th Hit

In another bit of evidence of the New York Yankee fan base buying power – and the appeal of Derek Jeter – Rawlings Sporting Goods and Gold Sport Collectibles have announced the release of a special edition 24-karat gold leather baseball commemorating Derek Jeter’s 3,000th hit.

The ball will be produced in a limited 3,000-unit run in honor of Jeter’s historic moment. Each of the 3,000 baseballs will be produced with the official Derek Jeter and Major League Baseball logos.


The 24-Karat Gold Derek Jeter 3,000 Hit Commemorative Edition Baseball has been selected by Major League Baseball as the official ball to celebrate this recent moment in MLB history.

“Rawlings has been a part of Baseball history for many years,” said Mike Thompson, senior vice president of marketing for St. Louis-based Rawlings. “We are thrilled to be able to offer an outstanding product to fans and collectors to commemorate this truly exceptional event in Yankee and Major League Baseball history.”

Pawlings also had 24-carat gold balls in the Home Run Derby last night that were used when a player was at his last "out." Those had an estimated value of about $150.

The Jeter balls retails for $325 and can be ordered online at and Each ball includes a display case and an official certificate of authenticity.

Steiner Sports has the market cornered on Jeter memorabilia for this milestone, but as you can see, many companies will try and cash in on this, as Jeter might be the most marketable current player in the world.

I'm not saying I would buy it, but there are plenty of options to spend your money on all things related to Jeter these days.